Summer jamz for 2014
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Last year around this time misskaz asked this question that resulted in a Summer Jamz 2013 playlist that was SO AWESOME that it changed my life. Can we do it again?

Can the hive band together to suggest tracks for an equally amazing summer 2014 playlist? I'll reproduce some of the description from the previous question:
I am looking for new songs - released this year or maybe last year. Sound-wise, think: dancey sparkly happy groovy. Something that makes you dance in your chair at work, or at least sway or tap your foot. The idea for the playlist came from Get Lucky, which is obviously the opening jam, and things along that line are what I'm aiming for. Leaning more towards electronica, dance, pop, R&B, alternative/rock if the sound is right, and away from more low-fi, slow, or ballad-y stuff like folk or country.
They don't have to be the greatest examples of songwriting in the history of time - this is more about capturing the feel of this particular summer and having a good time in the backyard. Major bonus points for the songs being on Spotify, since that's where I'm pulling this together for now, but I'm not opposed to buying singles if I have to.
Since the 2013 playlist still exists and is still poppin', I'm mainly interested in music that has been released or risen to prominence in the past 12 months. So far I've got Iggy Azalea - Fancy (the track that made me realize that I've been listening to the sounds of 2013 to the exclusion of what must be lots of great new stuff).

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What about Ingrid Michaelson Girls Chase Boys? It just came out, and it's quite bouncy! It is on spotify.
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Best answer: My good-time Summer Pop Jam this summer will probably be Rather Be.

Maybe the new Robyn single?

Or the new Lana Del Ray single?

White Hinterland Ring the Bell.

I also like Foster the People's new single Coming of Age for poppy good feels.
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I would suggest Pharrell's "Happy" (technically released in 2013, but popular this year) and Pitbull and Ke$ha's "Timber" (same deal.)
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Oooh, also Allie X's Catch.
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Kygo remix of Passenger's 'Let Her Go'.
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Best answer: Damon Albarn's Mr. Tembo.
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I can't get enough of Happy.

Poland's entry for Eurvision Song contest is catchy as HELL! My Slowiniane/Slavic Girls. In Polish or English.
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And one from Sweden, which shockingly ISN'T going to be their Eurovision entry, Busy Doin Nothing, by Ace Wilder.
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Best answer: How did I not know about last year's amazing Summer Jamz playlist until now?! It's right up my alley music-wise so I'm excited to put in my suggestions for 2K14.

St Vincent - Digital Witness

I challenge anyone not to sing and dance along when she sings "What's the point of even sleeping?" Makes a very convincing argument for incorporating more brass instruments into indie pop. The entire album is rock solid, really. Annie Clark is a goddess.

Blood Orange - Chamakay
Extra meltingly sultry and demands grooving to more than dancing on a table. Anyone who liked the inclusion of Rhye on last year's play list will definitely find this their cup of tea.

Mac Demarco - Passing Out Pieces
A little more languid than the other two and sounds like sundrenched summer afternoons epitomized. I've found it's hard not to listen to this album nonstop since it came out earlier this month.
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Hippie Sabotage - Stay High
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Here's one that's been a staple in my life the whole spring:

The War on Drugs - An Ocean In Between the Waves (awesome live version)

It's satisfying like apple cider!
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Best answer: Sing - Ed Sheeran
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Kinks Shirt - Matt Nathanson
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Best answer: Love Me Again - John Newman
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I've been dancing to Neon Tree's new CD, especially:

Sleeping with a Friend
First Things First
And Text Me in the Morning, but I can only seem to find the Chipmunks Version on Youtube...

And anything Postmodern Jukebox, I like the covers:

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John Newman's Will You Love Me Again which I hope spurs an American resurgence of Northern Soul dancing. (it came out last year but is only recently being played on American radio.)
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My test for this is "can you imagine some cheesy stupid corporate promotional video of people on a beach to this" and/or "Could there be an 80s movie volleyball scene to this".

Client Liason - That's Desire
Kasket Club - Straight West
this entire surf ambassador hendo mixtape(is that cheating? it's all incredibly upbeat and summery)
pompeya - 90(fred falke remix)
mercer - turn it up(tchami remix)
Miami Horror - Real Slow(tropicool remix)
Client Liason - Free of Fear(com truise remix)
Duke Dumont - need u(100%)
The Knocks - Comfortable Featuring X Ambassadors (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Tove Lo - Habits (Oliver Nelson Remix)
This Kraak & Smaak mixtape which almost broke my bathroom with bass while i was showering(and just browse their soundcloud, honestly)
Alex Metric & Oliver - Hope
Conchord feat. Siriusmo (Oliver Remix)
Oliver - Night Is On My Mind
Pharrell - Happy (Starcadian Remix)
everything loose shus' has ever made.

honestly the majority of the stuff on my soundcloud following page would probably be up your alley...

I'll also be posting a couple mixtapes soon for the spring/summer of a lot of this kind of stuff, and some self produced remixes...
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I was about to make a Spotify playlist with all these suggestions, but do you have one going already telegraph? Would you be willing to make it public / collaborative?
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The first time I heard Best Friend by Foster the People I started dancing - and I don't dance!
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Response by poster: @rossination, I would love for you to make a public playlist!

I am overwhelmed by all of your wonderful suggestions and will be working through them while dancing at my desk over the coming days. Please keep them coming and I will best answer particular favorites.
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Best answer: OK, here is a link to the Mefi Summer Jamz 2014 Spotify Playlist (Spotify URL | HTTP Link).

It's a collaborative list, so anyone with the link should be able to edit it. There isn't anything in it yet, but I will start adding stuff starting with the top of this list. Feel free to add any suggestions that come up in this thread!
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The Spotify list linked above is now populated with most of these songs. emptythought, I couldn't find many of the remixes on your list, sorry.

I'm not 100% sure how the "Spotify URL" I posted above works, since when I click on it nothing happens (but then again, I'm already signed in to my Spotify). If someone else wants to try adding a song, that would be a great way to test whether or not the collaborative playlist thing worked too... still new at the Spotify.

These are great jams! I'm excited to have a new summer playlist!
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Rossination, I've added three songs so it's working great, thanks for making it!
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Best answer: Paramore - Ain't It Fun
Katy Perry - Birthday
Hedley - Crazy For You
Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty
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Monarchy - Living Without You
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Ooh my jam right now is Magnolia - Stay Up Late
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This list is surprisingly diverse and fun!
63 songs you need in your life this summer
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The Avener - Fade Out Lines
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