Image loading problems in Mozilla
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Mozilla sometimes refuses to load images...

Ever since I upgraded Mozilla to version 1.6, the browser seems to selectively load images when I visit certain websites. It’s rather annoying and makes some of those pages very hard to use, especially when the browser forgets to load the graphics for the various buttons on those web pages. I’ve been all over the preferences (the browser is set to accept all images), I’ve upgraded to version 1.7.1, I’ve even upgraded my display driver, and still no luck. Any suggestions? (By the way, I’m using Windows XP.) Thanks.
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In firefox there is a setting Tools->Options->Web Features->Load Images->For the originating site only...

See if that is checked. Worth a try.
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This may seem obvious, but are you running the "AdBlock" extension? It doesn't come as part of the standard install, so you'd have to have loaded it yourself, but I had a very similar problem when I first started using it with Firefox.

A couple of the standard filters are regular expressions that were just too broad--they didn't just filter out ads, but also a bunch of different types of graphics. I deleted them, and the problem went away.
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No, I don't have the "load images from originating site only" option checked, and no, I don't have AdBlock installed. I've done some Googling on this issue, and I've found some other people who have the very same problem, but I have not found any solutions. Heh... I would really hate to give up on Mozilla.
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