Best firefox add-on for previewing tabs?
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What's the best firefox add-on for previewing/managing a bunch of tabs that are on the same site and look alike in thumbnails, but can be distinguished by their text? I have bunches of tabs open and the tab bar becomes utterly useless, so I need an add-on (not just thumbnail-based) that can do much better.
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Have you tried Firefox Showcase? Yes, it uses "thumbnails" but they're pretty large and if you drag the window out to maximum size, they're fairly legible.
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I use Tree Style Tab (with my tabs on the right side) and drag the size to where I can read the first few words of each tab. It's especially nice with and easy-on-the-eyes theme like Silvermel.
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Response by poster: Thanks! LuckySeven, can you get Tree Style Tabs to display more than the title of the window? Many of my windows have very similar titles, so it would be useful to see some of the words on the page rather than just the title...
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Shivohum, yes you can. The width of the tab column is manually adjustable. Just drag it so that it displays more words. Matter of fact, I just tested it to see how far it would drag and it can go all the way to the other side of the screen.
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