Managing multiple blogs more simply
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Is there any good solution for multi-url blog software? I've got a bunch of domains, and I want to run different blogs on each of them, but I don't want to have to install, say, a separate copy of Wordpress for each of them (and then have to go update all of them individually when there's an update). They're all located on the same physical server (linux/Apache).

Any ideas?
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With Typepad you can have multiple weblogs sharing resources in the same account, each subdirectory being forwarded/masked from a separate domain. At least at the pro level. Is that what you mean?
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Response by poster: I would prefer something I can put on my own server. It's likely that I'll want to hack the source in some way, and I'm already set up for hosting.

Free would be good, but if the right thing costs money, that's an option too.
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It's trivial to set up Movable Type for this. You just create a directory for each blog in the filesystem, and tell MT that all the files for a given blog go in a the proper directory. Then you point Apache to those directories for the site for each domain you want hosted. Every user uses the same copy of MT and all their posts are stored in the same database. If you are planning to have multiple users and want your users to also have FTP access to these directories, you may have to set up some permissions by hand, but that shouldn't be too onerous for a reasonable number of users.
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pMachine Pro allows you to run multiple blogs from one installation. You can have them each display on the same page if you want.
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I'm partial to blosxom. It's pretty much ideal if you want something simple and hackable.
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Seconded: Blosxom and some fiddling with httpd.conf to get the virtual hosts taken care of is all you need. I set up Blosxom with AddHandler and voilia, done.
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Expression Engine does this. All you have to do is put a php file on each domain you want a different blog to show up on. This is in their documentation and it is explicitly allowed in their terms of use.
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