Blogger to Wordpress for a Fee?
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Moving from Blogger to Wordpress: Can I pay someone to have it done?

I know pretty much how to go about the move, but my time and inclination are low at the moment. If I could pay a small fee and have it done for me (with the results outlined below) I'd be a very happy man...


I have an extensive blogger blog with a several hundred post history. I want to move it over to wordpress, on the same server, whilst maintaining the same URL structure for its entire history (so all past links still reach their destination - I guess this is a htaccess issue).

Each of my past posts was also tagged using As a bonus I'd love this history of tags to be pulled into the new Wordpress blog (i.e. update all the posts with their appropriate delicious tags) so future tagging could be done from within the new blog.

Layout and design can stay pretty much the same as it is now, although a bunch of plugins ready and waiting would be a nice final bonus.

Any services that will do this move? Any enterprising Wordpress know-it-alls fancy doing this for a small fee?

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Piggybacking your question, I'm having the same problem with my blog of nearly 900 entries on pMachine Pro v2.3.

I wanna move to WordPress too, but there's no decent conversion script to be found.

The thought of manually re-entering those posts is just bollocks, so if anybody can help, even if for a fee, I'd appreciate it too.
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The obvious question is, what kind of fee do you consider "small"?
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Response by poster: I know that a move like this, for someone who is experienced, shouldn't take more than a few hours. Consider an hourly average and a nice bonus on top. Give me a ballpark figure.
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pMachine to WordPress conversion? $50CAD.
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I almost converted to Wordpress from Typepad using these guys: Their prices seemed reasonable at $300 for the full monty.
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There are lots of places that would do this. I use EE, and I know they have people that would do it for me for a fee (of course since you're not using EE, they wouldn't do it). Does WordPress have a similar service? Do they have forums you can ask around on?

When Moxie Design Studios was BlogMoxie, they would have done something like this. Maybe look around for places like that.
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@misanthropicsarah: I scoured WP forums and the 'net for a solution but couldn't find one. Even explored the possibility of converting to another blog format before converting to WP, but to no avail :(...
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Piggybacking on the piggybacking: I have a Blogger blog with close to 6000 entries. I tried to import that into a blog but it timed out multiple times and eventually made Blogger think it was a spam blog and I had to go through the rigamarole to get them to believe I was human. I'd like to find a way to export my stuff out of Blogger and into WP if I could, though I'm not thrilled with the idea of paying.
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