Genealogy widget?
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Are there any good, preferably free, widgets that I can use to build a family tree and put it on my blog? Ideally I would like a widget that has some sort of database behind it, and I would link to a database record for a specific ancestor when I write about them . It would also be cool to show an attractive family tree as a navigational tool to go to old blog posts about specific ancestors. You could click links in the genealogy widget to posts about all of the stories that are tagged "great grandpa Joe," for example.
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What content management system are you using? There's WP Family Tree and TNG WordPress Integration if you have WordPress.
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Response by poster: I am just getting started setting up a blog, but I was thinking of using squarespace because it is so easy and intuitive ... Although it would not be supported by squarespace itself, you can use pretty much any widget on a squarespace site if you paste the code in as html.
posted by tnygard at 9:20 AM on November 27, 2010 is a family-tree website that allows you to embed a read-only view of the tree on an external site. I haven't done this, but presumably it would work with squarespace.
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