WordPress plugins?
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WordPress users: What plugins have you found useful? My wife and I are both new WordPress users, after an arduous battle to wrest our previous entries from Blogger's paws. I'd like to extend the functionality of our sites, but the number of plugins available is a little daunting. What plugins do you use?
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I like IImage Browser. It creates thumbnails and generates the code needed to add photos to the blog automatically. It was a little strange to get started since I am also a newbie to WP, but the linked site has good directions.
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Best answer: My stats package stinks to high heavens, so I use BA Stats for real-time tracking.

To fight spam, there's none better than Spam Karma, which uses a combination of blacklisting, number of links, keywords, and a number of other factors to fight spam. If a comment is in doubt, it defaults to a captcha. No spam so far! (Make sure to set it to "lenient," by the way, or you may get some false positives).

Others: Structured Blogging to keep my reviews sane and orderly; Del.icio.us integrator to manage my Del.icio.us links; Brian's Threaded Comments; Favatars for happy comments; and Technorati tags (because tagging is HOT).
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Best answer: My favorite is the WP Plugin Manager. Makes it easy to find and install the rest.
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I use the spaminator. I've also used wp-contact form and dofollow
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I'll second the Spaminator (1.5 only) and wp-delicious (for syndicating my delicious). Good stuff.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everybody. I was hoping for a few more comments, but this is definitely a good start.
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The Admin Bar is really handy. You might also find Tags4WP handy.
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Hashcash - prevents comment spam by forcing users to use a web browser to post comments. This blocks spambots.
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