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Help find an Eminem song.

I'm not a fan, and not al that familiar with his oeuvre, but am trying to locate a song of his.
The song is a back and forth with a fan who is writing him a letter. At the end the fan commits suicide, and there's a quip something about "Oh was that you?" Hope that's enough....
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It's a good song, if only for the production. Using Dido as a counterpoint was genius.
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Youtube://stan eminem
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Oh, right on, Bonzai. Every line need not be punctuated with a lame-ass, obvious, MAD-magazinesque sound effect.

Actually, Gilbert Gottfried or somebody yelling "Potrzebie!" after every line would be significantly less annoying.

The song is called "Stan," btw.
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Response by poster: Yup, THANX!
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