Can anyone help identify this MLK speech?
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Can someone help identify this MLK speech?

It's posted on You Tube and Dr. King is saying, "We sent negroes in large numbers to real estate offices in Gage Park and every time negoes went in they said, “Oh I’m sorry, I don’t have anything listed.”

It's at about the 5:00 mark on the video.
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The speech is featured on this release if that's any help.
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This chapter has a lot of background for that speech regarding Gage Park:


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Response by poster: I probably should have been more clear. My son wants to use it for a school project and needs to cite it in his bibliography. So he needs the date and location (convention center, hotel, etc.). I'm assuming from the e-book that it's Chicago in 1965.
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That'd be tough without seeing the Eyes on the Prize bibliography. MLK and the Chicago Freedom Movement were doing real estate "testing" of the Gage Park area starting on July 11th, 1966, and they made their findings public that Thursday (the 14th). From that point on, the activity in the Gage Park and Marquette Park area increased exponentially. There were gatherings first, then marches, which grew progressively uglier as the month progressed. I would guess that particular clip came from his speech on July 21st, 1966, when he announced his "Open and Just City" plans for Chicago. That book, (James Ralph's Northern Protest) is probably your best bet at narrowing down a date.
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Could also be his August 4th speech the following month.
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I vote for the "My place is in Gage Park" speech on August 4, too. But I can't rule out the July 21st one.

I suggest mailing the King Library and Archives.
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