How CAN there be a cherry that has no stone?
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Can you give me examples of riddle songs, or more information about riddle songs?

As a parent I find myself doing a lot of singing, and I want to expand my repertoire.

I love 'The Riddle Song' and Scarborough Fair.

I would like to learn more songs with impossible things and riddles.... can you tell me what your favorites are, preferably with videos so I can learn the tunes?
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Well, there is The Riddle Song from the musical Flloyd Collins.
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Just to clarify, are you looking for songs that really don't make sense and are never solved, or songs that have a problem to be solved but we get the answer at the end? For example, there's the Kingston's Trio's "To Morrow", sung here by the Muppets, with captions. The listener figures it out (usually) about halfway through.
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Oh I discovered a [***] right before my eyes!
Phil Harris - The Thing (wiki)
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Oh, speaking of whom, how about I Never Harmed An Onion.
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Captain Wedderburn is a classic, though it's also a little, er, risque. Great Big Sea does a great version.
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Jim Lowe's "The Little Man from Chinatown" is along the lines of "The Thing".
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Roger Miller wrote some silly songs that seem to entail the impossible and the cryptic, in a deceptively good-ole-boy style.
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Lots of versions of this song but perhaps I'm My Own Grandpa?
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Response by poster: Thanks, these are great! I WAS thinking of riddles that have solutions. Now I am super curious about what is in the box.
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You say you like "songs with impossible things"? How about a song that is merely a list of Things That Don't Exist?

(The lyrics are at times hard to understand; the creator says the lyrics are available at­ml but if you go to that page... that page does not exist.)
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Child Ballad archetypes, and songs based on them (see the Variants section of the Wikipedia articles for more lists): Child 1, Riddles Wisely Expounded; 2, The Elfin Knight (parent of Scarborough Fair); Captain Wedderburn's Courtship (I like the Ian and Sylvia recording); 47, Proud Lady Margaret.
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Well, it's very short but the first thing that popped into my head was St. Ives. Apparently, the answer is not so simple ...
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Seven Drunken Nights. The Clancy Brothers version is a classic.
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Argh! I think it's the Dubliners, not the Clancy Brothers.
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