Head on bed makes me red
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How do I stop my boyfriend's head from rolling into awkward positions while we sleep? It causes him to snore and it's also driving me batty.

We don't live together but sleep over often at each other's places. My bed has buckwheat husk pillows and his the typical poly-fill pillows. At both places, I find myself woken up in the middle of the night by his snoring. Even though his body is on his side of the bed, his neck and head has either moved to my pillow or the very edge of his bedside. It's extremely tilted and I have no idea why this happens in his sleep. He only snores when this happens.

I usually right his neck and head back to his pillow but I'm getting fed-up since I'm not getting a full night's rest (when I sleep alone, I never wake up during the night). This happens 2-4 times a night. This happened a lot in the winter, tapered down this spring but seems to be occurring more frequently lately. Any advice short of taping his head to the pillow?
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Best answer: He should probably consider a c-pap. Snoring is generally not good for your health. People who get c-paps swear by them.
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You said you had buckwheat-filled pillows, but do you have one of these? Probably the best low-tech way of making sure his head doesn't escape the pillow.
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Best answer: Hmm...

Have you tried a contour memory foam pillow? If he's a back sleeper or side sleeper, he may need a different kind of support.

My partner snores more when he forgets his allergy meds/decongestant (yr round). A room humidifier helps in winter, he def. snores more if it's cold and dry.
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Best answer: You might try rolling up a towel (short end towards short end) and slipping it under his neck instead of a pillow. It feel pretty good, keeps everything in alignment and helps reduce the rolly-polly.
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A memory foam pillow stopped my SO's head from rolling off all the time, which cut down on all the snoring.
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