Quick way to remove embroidery?
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Quick way to remove embroidery?

Anyone know a quick and clean way to remove embroidery, such as logos on hats and clothes?

I do it by using tweezers or a needle and breaking the thread from the backside but this takes hours and my hands get cramped up.

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Seam ripper?
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Using a seam ripper is not exactly quick but probably easier on your hands than tweezers or a needle. You slip under the thread and push forward and the seam ripper cuts the thread. Depending on how tight the sewing, sometimes you can just cut every other or every third thread and then they will easily pull out. Sometimes you just have to cut each and every one.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, I forgot about those things.. used to use my mom's lol.
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Peggy's Stitch Eraser is not cheap but is made for the job.
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My mom used to use a thing that looked like a thimble, except that it had a rather wicked hooked blade attached to it. You put it over your index finger and use it to cut stitches you don't want; works fast, works easy.

I have no idea what it might be called, however, so I can't find anything to link to.
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Keep in mind that if it's a garment that's been through some washings and wearings, the fabric beneath the embroidery may be darker than the surrounding material. And yes, a seam ripper works well.
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nail scissors are great, too.
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Holy crap... that sounds.. so very tedious!! I have super freakin' sharp thread snips, and I just touch the tips to whatever I want gone, open and close them a few times, pull the loose threads away and see what's left... Rinse and repeat. I thought that was a PITA! :)
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I feel your pain, I have a really cute cap, with a really stupid logo. I have used a really sharp blade to slit through the front, and then run something like a toothpick under from the other side, pulling up the stitches so I can pinch them out in bunches. The problem is that the stitch holes are still really visible even though the fabric colour is the same under. I am going to try batter it a little to disguise this.
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Looking at that stitch-eraser I am wondering if a cheap beard/hair trimmer might do the job in the same way?
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My mom does a lot of machine embroidery, and she apparently uses a disposable razor to remove mistakes. Gently shave across the stitches until most of them are broken. Then you can pick them out.

Google also tells me something called a serger ripper might be useful.
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Check out stitch cutters: high-speed seam rippers for the skilled and fearless.
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