Can I get my new black winter coat embroidered with Slavic-looking flowers?
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Two-fold question: I need a picture of an embroidery pattern with red flowers that resembles the needlework along the edges of many skirts and jackets in traditional Russian/Slavic/Scandinavian clothing. Secondly, can I get this black coat embroidered with Slavic/Russian-looking flowers? How expensive would it be to get this work done?

Yes, I'm considering Etsy alchemy, but I don't want to ask for too high or too low a price. I have an image in my head of the flowers, usually red with yellow and other colors, but it's been hard to locate something that fits what I've been conjuring in my head.

I feel like actual embroidery might be really expensive, and I want to keep the price under $100. Maybe appliqués might work? Or would that just look cheap and ruin my cute winter coat? I'd just have a few flowers on the front hem of the coat, and maybe another small flower on the back underneath the hood.
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Cute coat! I don't know much it would cost, but machine embroidery is much less expensive than hand embroidery.It will look a little different, but the difference in price may be worth it. Shops in your area may be able to give you a general idea of the price if you explain what you need. Appliques might look fantastic.

Can you find a picture of the type of flowers you're looking for?
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i don't know how helpful this will be, but alicia paulson (link goes to her books) does beautiful embroidery, and i seem to recall made a blog post once about embroidering a window valance that was very scandinavian-looking. her blog is here - posy gets cozy. i am not sure where you are located but perhaps if you email her she might have some resources for you?
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Is this what you are looking for? If so, then I think a good keyword for image searching is "bunad".
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Because it's a completed garment (and vintage) there might be more than usual difficulty involved in deconstructing it enough to machine or even hand embroider. Consider applique. You could find a vintage embroidery and applique motifs from it.

Another possibility is to google images for Slavic, Russian or Scandinavian embroidered floral border to find a closer description of what you are looking for then try ebay or vintage shops for embroidered textiles. Having the applique done would be less expensive, I would think, than commissioning embroidery. If the coat is black, an embroidery on black fabric might work well as applique.

Alternatively, google to find and download a pattern from which to have the machine embroidery made, then applique that if it can't be done directly on the garment. I think you don't want a cross-stitch pattern. Any clear image can be enlarged and traced to make a pattern.

A fabric store will generally be able to put you in touch with people who do various kinds of needlework.
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If you're looking for the kind of thing CathyG links to, I think this might be done by embroidering a long thin strip of cloth, then sewing the cloth onto the jacket or coat. This online store seems to have a large assortment of embroidered trim, but Google for embroidered trim or embroidered trimming to find more.
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Would a ribbon border work for you? An easy job.

Embroidering an already made coat would involve a bit of a fuss -- not so easy to embroider through multiple layers; you'd be looking at extra work. I would want to take apart some seams so I could embroider directly on the wool, and not have to push a needle through the linings. But it wouldn't be a big deal to tack ribbon on without taking the coat apart.

[on preview: yes, like dilettante said!]
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Are you talking about this type of Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery? (Would look good as a trim for the jacket, IMO.) Or are you talking more along the lines of the elaborate flower type? (Russian version, Swedish version called påsöm.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers! I was thinking of a small patch of flowers at the hem of the coat like these or these, but now I like the idea of a ribbon border like one of the trims linked by kmennie. If I bought the trim online, would it be fairly simple for a tailor in the NYC area to sew on the hemline?
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Response by poster: Hemline = the bottom hem and around the sleeves directly above the fur trim, sort of Russian princess style. I think the closest design I can find to the one I had in my head originally is something like this one with a cluster of flowers at the corner of the bottom hemline where the two sides of the coat join when it's buttoned together.

Is it possible to get an applique of this? Or is the ribbon trim going to be easier?
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Putting a ribbon along the edge will be no big deal for a tailor to do.

If you want something more elaborate like hand embroidery, you might have some luck if you google for Ukrainian community in NYC. Looks like there is a museum, thrift store, school, etc. You may be able to put up an ad on a bulletin board and/or ask some of the folks if they know of anyone who does that type of embroidery and would be willing to take on your project.
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