Where can I find consolidated magazine reviews?
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Are there any websites or other sources that review magazines?
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The Boston Globe used to have a weekly column called "Literary Life" which did/does this. Someone from Boston may let us know if it's still running, I can't find it on their website.
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Mr. Magazine (probably the best source, but he's always nice and positive)

Mediabistro (this is a blog/messageboard/listings and is better for magazine news/jobs/writing for them and what different magazines want, but has some news/reviews on launches/changes/etc)

Folio (some subscription only parts tho)

and there's AdWeek's annual Hot List, with capsule reviews

and various media critics online at various newspapers...
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Simon Dumenco's Glossies column at Folio is really good, and has a real voice and opinion.
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Epinions has a magazine category, although I've not used it. Their book and restaurant reviews are (were?) decent though, so it may be worth a shot.
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There used to be a wonderful semi-counterculture magazine review weblog called MagLog which is, alas, defunct but has archives online.
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awesome. thanks much to all.
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