Better fitness mags for women?
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Really over Fitness and its monthly workouts. What should I subscribe to instead?

I've been a subscriber to Fitness Magazine for several years. I normally cycle through their monthly workouts (one's typically a weights routine, one's more Pilates influenced, and one's a combination of the two) but recently their last few issues have included routines that seem kind of dangerous -- like the images/videos have included the model's knee looking like it was out of alignment, or your wrist will sprain or whatever. Plus, the recipes suck, and sometimes the healthy living tips read like a pro-ana/pro-mia tips-list. Is there another fitness mag for women that includes monthly routines, somewhat delicious recipes, and is more body friendly?

(I'm open to blog suggestions as well, but like magazines because I like to archive routines I really like in my amazing Hufflepuff workout binder to take to the gym with me.)
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I like Self magazine for their workout routines and recipes. Some of their articles are more on the beauty/fashion women's magazine side, though. They have one or two workout routines in each magazine typically.
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I'm pretty happy with Women's Health, it came as a package deal with Yoga Journal when I subscribed this time. The nutrition/food advice seems sound and they have solid,simple fitness routines.
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I like Self too. Some people are annoyed by its focus on mood health and optimism. (I thought it was kind of nice.) I feel like it's more celebrity-focused than the other women's health mags (it's a Conde Nast title, and I feel like they get the Glamour magazine rejects, who are the Vogue magazine rejects.) It has a nice attitude, I think.

Women's Health is one I just recently picked up. They do not butcher health information nearly as much as some women's health mags. They also assume that you're in okay shape (not as many So You Have Never Walked for 10 Minutes Straight Before-type articles). I think their workouts are pretty good.

Shape seems to lack content, as far as I can tell. There's just no ... there there.

If you are in your late 30s or 40s, Health magazine is not bad. They are a Time Inc title based in Birmingham, Alabama, with Southern Living and Cooking Light, so they have pretty good food. They definitely skew older, though. (Not as old as Prevention magazine, though.)

At least their newish editor means that Fitness has ditched their insane Photoshopping of cover models. Now they're just down to barely tolerable Photoshopping.
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I was following this post really hoping to find a new magazine to love, but I just can't get behind Shape/Self. Sigh. If you are a runner Runner's World is pretty tolerable, and I love Outdoors Magazine, the writing is shockingly good, but they dont do a ton of workout plans.

If you will go for a blog, The Fitnessista does some great workouts, and separates them into what they work/weights/treadmills ect, along with Winter and Summer shape up plans. I'm pretty sure she makes most of them easy to print so they can go into your big binder of workout awesomeness.
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I do like Fitnessista... IDK, I may just need to get behind fitness blogs. Women's Health looks promising, but Shape/Self both look really lightweight to me...
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Oh, yeah, if you run, Runner's World is great.
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Thanks everyone! Fitness looks like it's a little less FAIL, and I'm enjoying Self and WH. Fitnessista is awesome, too. :)
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