What's like Wired magazine?
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Need Magazine Suggestions along the lines of: Wired, The Week

I am having trouble finding more magazines like the ones I love. Any other magazines that are similar to Wired and/or The Week?
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Could you tell us a little bit about why you like these magazines? That would help us figure out what you're looking for. (Not everyone who likes Wired likes it for the same reasons.)

Here's one you might enjoy, given that you like The Week.

Harper's has a lovely habit of pointing out things to me that I never would have noticed, and is generally a great thought generator (two things to check out there: Harper's Index, and Sentences which isn't in the magazine itself, but is an excellent blog by books editor Wyatt Mason. It's completely sui generis and very, very intellectually satisfying).
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Seed Magazine is a good sciencey one.
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Since Wired and The Week are so dissimilar in my opinion, that I'm just going to recommend a couple of titles that every intelligent person should be reading whether they like Wired, The Week, or Cracked.

As ocherdraco mentioned, Harper's is an excellent magazine. Not only their monthly "index," but the in-depth articles are always very enlightening.

I'd also suggest the Atlantic if you're looking for smart and serious analysis.
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It's an old standby, but National Geographic still puts out consistently high-quality issues. I always learn something new and useful each month from that magazine.
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Prospect Magazine is an excellently-balanced journal of current affairs and opinion pieces.

The Economist and its offshoot Intelligent Life are both excellent. The Economist in particular.

The New Yorker, if a little, ok then - a lot, pretentious.

These are all great, thought-provoking reads but given I am unsure why specifically you enjoy Wired and The Week so these recommendations may or may not float your boat.
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Even though I work for them, I would second Seed anyway.
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I recommend Good, and I third Seed as well as Harper's.
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I recommend Fast Company. You can read most of the good stuff online for free. Sometimes the stories are segmented into multiple pages. I find this annoying when there aren't any "print this page" links to get around this ad tactic.
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Just based on your username, have you tried Archeology magazine?

And BBC Has a variety of good magazines. I especially like 'History,' and 'Knowledge' which is a combination of sciencey goodness and history goodness.

Mental Floss is another great one that I can't imagine anyone not enjoying. The writing is very tongue-in-cheek, and it's full of short fascinating articles about oddball subjects.
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Is Utne Reader good any more?
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Seconding Archaeology magazine. I read almost every issue cover to cover, despite having no professional interest in the subject matter.
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Fast Company, Business 2.0, Mental Floss
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If you're willing to pay the money; stratfor.com is a great news source for understanding the strategic implications of a news event. Its like an engineering model applied to geopolitics. Back in the days when it first launched and was free (I'll admit I'm too poor to pay -$349 a year is a bit off-putting), I remember an article on the strategic impact of the Kursk disaster (sub sunk). They basically discussed how the Russian Navy would have to redeploy a thinned submarine fleet and discussed how long it would take Russia to recover strategically (its wan't just as simple building another sub).
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Absent any clarification, maybe a pointer to this recent thread about substitutes for The New Yorker would be useful. Especially this comment.
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