Someone died and willed me a helpdesk...
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Someone died and willed me a helpdesk... Ok, not really inherited, but in my current job I am now responsible for helping our helpdesk grow and run more smoothly. It's work that I enjoy. What I am missing, however, is an online forum or mailing list that allows me to communicate with other helpdesk managers and planners. I have looked around in various places, but have come up dry. Does anyone know of any resources along these lines?
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I've been in the helpdesk realm for 12 years and consider myself Internet aware. Throughout my travels, I've never run across such forum. There is definitely a place for one.
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Response by poster: You and I should start one. :-)
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I'm in tech support too, and a web forum for sharing ideas and soultions would be a great idea!
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Actually, there are some interesting domain names available along these lines. Anyone know a good freebie bulletin board package?!
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At one of my jobs we used this. It was pretty easy to set up and manage, but someone else might have had a different experience with it.
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Response by poster: Just to make sure we're not off track here, I am hoping to find something that already exists. If not, I am interested in developing something for those interested. My goal would be helpdesk maintainers and support personnel. I would like to make sure it's professional and doesn't devolve into a place for people with computer problems! :-)
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Wow, that is a good idea. Who will be the first to do it and post it on mefi projects?

And no, I did development/testing/tech support for a few companies, and never found anything beyond programmer boards. Testing and Tech Support don't have much community.
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There's this site, but its mostly a ghost town. Maybe you guys can try to bring it back to life.

Congrats, did you get a new job?

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Check out the Help Desk Institute at They have a website with a lot of good information (only for paying members) and local chapters that have meeting, seminars, and offer training.
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Response by poster: dda, I'll answer your question in a mefimail. Thanks for asking.

I have talked to the HDI about this last year. The person I spoke to said they don't have anything like this. Indeed, they acted as if it were a foreign concept. Perhaps too many people are trying to get OUT of helpdesk to talk about it? ;-)
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TCV I have a lot of skill developing sites and setting up forums. I have a host with lots of bandwidth. I really like your idea and that fact that it won't involve user bashing.

I'm the network and support manager for a very large community mental health organization (2nd largest in Michigan). I manage helpdesk and network specialist, keep the infrastructure up to date, make sure users are happy, explore new projects and perform all HIPAA Security related activities. I've been promote through the ranks and spend half the week in each position.

Email in profile if you like to contact me to set something up.
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This, perhaps?
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That really is a great idea. Done the right way, it would be a great resource.
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