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Help with a Valentine's Gift.

For part of my Valentine's gift for my partner, I am trying to make a list of open-ended questions, just to get conversation going. We don't have problems talking, it's more that I thought even after a couple years together I don't know how she feels about a lot of issues. And I'd like to.

So, I would appreciate suggestions for broad questions that would lead to interesting conversations. So far, I've come up with things like "If you could go on vacation anywhere, where and why?" and "If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you buy and why?" Obviously these are fairly shallow and I'm very willing for much deeper world issues than that. I just kinda need my brain jogged from this myspace-bulletinesque mindset.

Please suggest away. TIA.
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If we were running from vampires, would you trip me?

I think that's the only question you really need answered.
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If you could live for eternity, would you?

You have been given the chance to obliterate one bad thing in the world without consequences. What is it and why?

Imagine you get a chance to spend one more day with someone you love that has died. Who would it be? What would you do?

Describe something that happened in your childhood that made you who you are today.

If you were famous, what charity would you endorse?

Money is no object. Which countries would you visit and what would you want to do or see while there?
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why not make it a game. put the questions in the hat and ask each other.
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I think there are some excellent posts here about questions to ask your parents to get to know them better. Here's one that I found quickly, surely there are more. I think they are perfectly applicable to any loved one you want to know better, familial or romantic.
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"If you could be the best in the world at any one thing, what would it be/why?"
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Response by poster: These are great. Keep 'em comin!
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You should search chatfilter on AskMe and use those:)

Leave off the ones asking if a week-old tuna sandwich is safe to eat, and the ones about skin rashes.
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"What's one fact or story about you that I don't know yet?" This one has started some good conversations between me and my partner. It's also great to ask about relatives and what about them was important to you.
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Do you have a plan or set of plans for a zombie apocalypse scenario? If so, with whom would you be willing to share them? (Yes, I've asked this and it led to a wonderful conversation)

What's your favorite childhood joke?

If you were a farmer, where would you live and what would you grow or raise?
Note: If the answer is "Zombies", you're either very lucky or in mortal peril. Keep a straight face until you've determined that you aren't on the list of things to be fed to them.
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You might want to track down one of these - Table Topics - they have a couples specific edition. We have the generic cube and have had a lot of fun with it.

If nothing else, peruse the website and borrow some of their ideas.
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There are lots of books with questions like this - search for book of questions at Amazon for examples.
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If you could build your own house and spend as much money as you wanted, what would it look like? Where would it be?

What is your idea of the perfect meal?

Did you have any idols growing up? Do you have any idols now?

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

What would you do if you got the same salary that you have now but you didn't have to work for a whole year?

What is the biggest regret you have about your childhood? Is there anything you wish you had done more of?

What's the most peaceful and relaxing place you've ever been? Where do you feel at home?
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Following up on Splendid Animal's suggestion, I'd recommend any of the "Book of Questions" series by Gregory Stock (there's an original one, one on love & sex, one on business and possibly others that I haven't heard of).

I bought the original Book of Questions in high school and it helped my friends and I pass many a long bus ride during various school trips.
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