music for girls who hate girls?
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She's so dull - come on rip her to shreds!

(notterriblynicefilter) Hello.
I'm looking for songs to channel my nightmare-flatmate aggression. What is there about righteous girl-on-girl good straight-forward hatred
- about a particular woman (or non-specified person)


- in and around the genres of punk, (old-fashioned) indie, hiphop and rock

that I can jump around to, so I don't have to jump ON anyone? Not particularly about "you stole my man" but that's good if is more aggresive than Jolene-y.
Other general "ooh I really dont like you too much" tunes, also by blokes, very welcome too!

All i have so far:
Blondie, obviously
Libel - Tilt
Solar Race - Drink my piss
John Cooper Clarke - Twat

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Well, it's guy-on-guy, but... Still There'll Be More by Procol Harum.
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L7 - Shitlist
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Ooh, Libel. I haven't heard that in a while.

All I can think of are Donnas songs at the moment:

- Looking for Blood
- Skintight (This one's a "Hey, I'm going to get your man" kind of song.)
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Response by poster: ooh lovely, ta, keep em coming!
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Germ-Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex.
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Hole has several songs like that.
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Also, Regina Spektor keeps calling some woman a bitch in "Sailor Song"
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evil wiener's "bad manners" is a great one... you can stream it on their myspace page
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"waitress" by tori amos.
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My friend, what you want is the viciously scathing (and, it must be admitted, pretty sexist) "Butterfly Collector" by the Jam (live version from about 1979 here; Paul Weller's acoustic version from last year here). Garbage also covered it, if you'd prefer to hear it sung by a woman (can't find a clip, though.)

There's tarts and whores but you're much more / You're a different kind 'cause you want their minds / And you just don't care 'cause you've got no pride / It's just a face on your pillowcase that thrills you.

And you started looking much older / And your fashion sense is second rate like your perfume / But to you in your own little dream world / You're still the queen of the butterfly collectors...

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This is stretching your genre requirements, but Tori Amos' The Waitress is dark and the chorus is good for a scream-along.

Sample lyrics: So I want to kill this waitress / She's worked here a year longer than I / If I did it fast you know that's an act of kindness / But I believe in peace / I believe in peace Bitch.
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missed it on the preview, moxiedoll
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The Donnas...just about anything by The Donnas.
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Big Hello's "Slut Machine" is awesome. They might have a few more good mean-girl songs but I'm drawing a blank. (The band's since turned into The Handcuffs, haven't heard much of their new stuff.)
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Stupid Girl, the Rolling Stones
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Ooops, I did not read carefully, did I?
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Mary Prankster, Mata Hari.
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Oh, but wait.
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Lambretta - Bimbo
Who´s she looking goofy in a Gucci dress
what´s that , I really gotta know
Which bone in her body should I break first
which one, the bimbo´s gotta go
the bimbo´s gotta go
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The most menacing song I've ever heard sung by a woman is "Cherry Bomb" by the Runaways. It does not detract from it that the singer was 18 years old and wore lingerie onstage. It's not so "I hate you you bitch," a bit more general than that, but it's an awesome song that captures the sensation you're describing, I think.
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"Stupid Girl" by Garbage:

You pretend youre high
You pretend youre bored
You pretend youre anything
Just to be adored
And what you need
Is what you get

Dont believe in fear
Dont believe in faith
Dont believe in anything
That you cant break

You stupid girl
You stupid girl
All you had you wasted
All you had you wasted

etc etc.
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Well... there is a girl in the band??

.../Look at the circle on our calendar/You know that that's the day/When you'll be gone away/We're kicking you right out of here/So time to go, pack your bags, shed a tear/Yeah! You're gone/Yeah! You're gone/...

Chest Hair - Spiderbait.
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Oooh! The Slits: Typical Girls!
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Paramore's Misery Business?

Lily Allen's Friend of Mine.
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that dog - raina ? she made me sick inside...

A guy sings this one, but how about Angry Samoans - Ballad of Jerry Curlan ?

Tha Vandals - Heartbreak Hotel probably isn't exactly what you're looking for, but you'd get to jump around and use the C word a lot.
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Jesus H. Christ and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a great little obscure band out of NYC that has a lot of girl hate girl music. Vicki is a Pro and Vampire Girls being 2 really spot on titles.
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On Top of Your World - Sahara Hotnights [Youtube link] and plenty else by them.
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Tell That Girl to Shut Up-Transvision Vam
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Argh. I can't double check but how about stuff from Bikini Kill?
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Red-Eyed Troll by The Muffs.
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Lies Are Much More Fun by The Grates has its moments.
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Pink - Hooker
There you are in the club swingin'
And I'm just standin' there, standin' there laughin'
All the things people have you believin'
I feel sorry for your ass is out of season
Maybe you should think of cuttin' down drinkin'
Cause you look like a fat rat sinkin'

Pink - Stupid Girls
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Heh, I thought the Dresden Dolls might have something to fit the bill:

rotten like a crackwhore/
backing out out the backdoor/
show us what you’re good for/
stick it to the noise board/
come on join the bloodsport/
show us some support, still/
working at the drugstore/
is it because you’re A FUCKING/

backstabber! hope grabber!


I'm not sure if this song is directed at a woman, specifically, but Amanda Palmer sure is hating on someone HARD!
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Songs by Splendora such as "Beautiful" and "Bee-Stung Lips" are very satisfyingly rageful.
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"Celebrity Skin" by Hole might count, unless of course you think it's just self hatred.
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From mefi music.
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Cake's Nugget is my favorite "I hate everyone" song. (That's not their actual video.)
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All I can recommend is that, for angry women punk songs, you can't beat Hole or the Distillers (I like their 2003 album). Don't have time to skim lyrics for ya at the moment to see if they have a good female-enemy songs. :) Here's a good angry Hole song, but she's hating everyone, not one person.
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Tough Guy by the Beastie Boys might be good. It's a fast, loud, hyper, shouty rock song (not rap). It's technically about trying to play basketball with a huge jerk, but you could see playing basketball as a metaphor for trying to live with someone (playing by the rules, letting you do your thing, what-have-you)
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"Bitches Don't Know Shit" by Leticia Wolf. Very screamalongable.
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Head South by Pretty Girls Make Graves is a fantastic piece of girl-furious-with-girl catharsis. Listen to it here; lyrics here.
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Scum, Penelope Houston
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The Muffs have a couple of great songs along these lines:

From "don't pick on me":
I’m not stupid no but rather you are
Your big mouth is going too far

But I don’t care just who you be
Don’t pick on me
Don’t pick on me
You’re not the whole wide world you see
Don’t pick on me or I will torture you

Also, "oh Poor You" is somewhat scathing-ish.

Of course, there's always Dylan's "positively 4th street" in a pinch.
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[I don't know about songs specifically referencing not liking someone or some girl, but this was the first band I thought of]
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Dammit, the chance I've been waiting for to tell Ask MeFi about "Tell That Girl To Shut Up," and wheelieman beats me to it. At least I can recommend the original version by Holly and the Italians.

you better tell that girl to shut up
you better tell that girl i'm gonna beat her up

One of the top 10 angry couplets of rock.
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you need 'help me mary' by liz phair off of exile in guyville. it even has roommate-appropriate lyrics. awesome song!
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"my art" by le tigre (from feminist sweepstakes) isn't specifically targeted at another woman, but is an excellent scream-along for those "fuck all y'all" moments.
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Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business

why don’t you mind your own business
why don’t you mind your own business

can I interfere in your crisis
- can I have a taste of your ice cream
can I have a taste of your ice cream
- can I lick the crumbs from your table
can I lick the crumbs from your table
- can I interfere in your crisis
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Melissa Etheridge's self titled album. A bit on the heartbroken side, but a good scream-along set.
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The Death of Suzzy Roche by the Roches - youtube, lyrics.
She's got stinky crusty socks
She's got underwear that shocks
O what a pig, she's such a pig
I'd like to stick a turd in her mailbox
Friday Night by Lily Allen - youtube, lyrics.
It's quarter to and we get to the front,
Girl on a guest list dressed like a c***
She asked security to check inside my shoes,
You can play this game with me but you know you're gonna lose.
(Yeah, the recording has those ***s in it)
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Archive - Fuck U

There’s a look on your face I would like to knock out
See the sin in your grin and the shape of your mouth
All I want is to see you in terrible pain
Though we won’t ever meet I remember your name
There’s a space kept in hell with your name on the seat
With a spike in the chair just to make it complete
When you look at yourself do you see what I see
If you do why the fuck are you looking at me

Sung by a man, but it's great.
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Jezebel - Joan Jett
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I'd wager that the Lords of Acid have some stuff like this.
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Can the Can by Suzi Quatro
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