Omnigraffle vs Illustrator
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I'm a long time Adobe Illustrator user experimenting with Omnigraffle for a project and trying to make it feel more like home. There are two shortcuts I miss in particular: Command-space to toggle magnification and option-command-2 to unlock all (objects). Searches on Omni's forums don't look promising, but I'm hoping someone has a workaround.
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If there are menu items for those commands, you can use the System Preferences panel for Keyboard & Mouse to add key shortcuts for them.
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olecranon for the win. i redefine all the keyboard commands in omni apps since they are completely inconsistent with any other app around, often even within their own suite. be sure to redefine the zoom keys too.
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I've redefined most of the commands using the System Preferences panel, but neither the Toggle Zoom tool or Unlock All have a menu item and I'm not sure if Unlock All even exists in Omnigraffle. I ran into that problem with Fireworks as well, but Fireworks had an open architecture that allowed me to script an unlock all function and then map it to a keyboard shortcut. Might Omnigraffle have a similar capacity? Maybe even an applescript?
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Can you just select all (Apple-A), then Unlock (Option-Apple-L)?
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