Help my husband and me find a way to make our living together.
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My husband and I have been together for 9 blissful years, and the only blight on our happiness is being apart for 60ish hours a week, due to our office jobs. That's too many hours. Can you help us think of creative solutions?

The good side: We're both very diligent, and possess a wide range of skills (e.g. coding, recording music, graphic design, photography, cooking, event planning, etc.). We've had lots of occasions to work as a team, and we never get sick of each other. I mean, we take 15 hour road trips, and never bicker. Whenever differences of opinion arise, we resolve them quickly and without resentment. Our strengths complement each other beautifully. Also, we have no children to support, and don't intend to. (We love our godchildren to pieces).

The bad side: Neither of us has a complete college degree, we have almost no start-up capital, and we have a really expensive mortgage.

We aren't averse to working for someone else, but companies tend to be wary of hiring couples (and not without reason). We often talk about opening a business, but the economy being what it is, we're nervous about it. Any advice or suggestions, especially from folks in successful family businesses, about what kind of work could be most profitable in the coming years, and how to get it, would be much appreciated.
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If you're feeling entrepreneurial, maybe consider starting it up on the side until it becomes full fledged enough to quit your jobs? Or maybe one of you could quit first and get it off the ground while the other keeps their job to make sure the bills get paid? Just thinking out loud here.
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Fenriss, have you looked over at the Mefi job board? I know that there are some positions there for graphic designers. I'm not sure if you would consider relocating, based on the really expensive mortgage, but it's something to consider.
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Possibly the old adage is true, Absense makes the heart grow fonder.
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best thing ever: the occasional afternoon delight, if you know what i'm sayin'
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My wife and I owned/operated our own graphic design firm for 12 years. It was one of the best experiences of my life, because we work well together. All of our friends thought we were crazy/saints ("I could never work with my spouse! We'd drive each other crazy!"), but it was a great fit.

If you can find any way to make it happen, and not put yourself at financial risk, I'd encourage you to go the entrepreneur route. If it were me, I'd even move into a more modest home in order to make it happen.

Since you mention cooking: A friend of mine recently started a personal chef business, and he's doing really well. He goes to middle- to upper-class homes once a week, makes a week's worth of gourmet meals, freezes them. Does a little freelance writing on the side to supplement.
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I know someone who just started a CSP -- just like the CSA (community supported agriculture -- you pre-pay for a box of veggies from a local farm), but this is Community Supported PIE!! It is ridiculously popular in a few short weeks. Granted, she had a local following already because she was a baker at a restaurant, but still. Make damn good pie, make people come pick it up once a week, profit!!
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Thanks for the encouragement, folks. I think we might be able to muster the courage to go the entrepreneurial route eventually. We need to prove to ourselves that we can be disciplined enough to handle it first. The sideline plan sounds good.

I think the community supported pie is shear genius! I wonder if I could come up with a fresh take on that sort of thing.
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You might try reading The 4-Hour work Week for some inspiration.
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