Deedle deedle deedle de dit deet, deedle deedle deedle deedle deeddle dee dit deet
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I am looking for other songs that use the 45 King's "900 number" sample, other than "Let me clear my throat".

Specifically, the vocoder bit. "Deedle deedle deedle de dit deet, deedle deedle deedle deedle deeddle dee dit deet". I could swear there's a Beastie Boys song that uses this sample extensively, but Googling only brings up references to them using it in live sets. I think the sample is used in a break in the song. Hope me hivemind!
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DJ Mark the 45 King isn't mentioned anywhere on the Annotated page. I searched thoroughly.
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The original sample is from Marva Whitney's "Unwind yourself". I would email the mods of, and ask this question again in the forums of
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Here's a good list:

Chad Jackson - "Hear the Drummer Get Wicked"
DJ Kool - "Let Me Clear My Throat"
DJ Mark the 45 King - "The 900 Number"
LA Funk Mob - "La Doctoresse"
Stetsasonic - "Do You Remember This?"
Vanilla Ice - "Go Ill"
Yo, MTV Raps! - "Theme"
Zhigge - "Drop the Beat Salaam"
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I'm at work and I can't listen to any of these tracks, so I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the same bit you are asking about. But I can tell you that I always confuse the Beastie Boys' "Brass Monkey" with "Let Me Clear My Throat." Perfunctory research suggests that it's not the same sample---but maybe you're getting tripped up by the same similarity that I am.
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I think I found it. Listen to "Intergalactic". Then listen to "Clear my my throat". Then tell me I'm not going crazy.
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You're going crazy. Intergalactic samples:

"Prelude C# Minor" composed by Rachmaninoff, performed by Lex Baxter

"Love is Blue" by The Jazz Crusaders - Powerhouse by the Jazz Crusaders

"The New Style" by the Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys
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