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Where would I look/advertise to find a improvisational keyboard player for an improv group in the Los Angeles area?

I'm in the Los Angeles area. I run a musical improv comedy performance group. We need to find an piano/keyboard accompanist for our shows and rehearsals. We've posted notices before on craigslist and similar services, but the responses we got were not up to snuff. What website(s) would I want to look at to find/advertise for people who fit this qualification? I know where to find actors, but none of the services I use for that purpose seem to be suited to finding musicians. Thanks!
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I wonder if posting flyers at the music/performing arts departments at UCLA, USC, etc. (and/or posting notices in the campus newspapers) might yield some decent responses?

Local 47 (the musicians union) also has a referral service, but I don't know if you have it in your budget to pay union scale.
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Maybe the forums at
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