Reckless Birthday Fun: The Mad Hatter
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Does anyone remember the mind-blowingly dangerous fly-by-night birthday event management company that brought us THE MAD HATTER parties in the mid-1980s?

Males of a certain age who lived in Toronto during the eighties may remember this outfit. It worked like this: a Mad Hatter location would have a "parent-friendly" storefront in a plaza or strip-mall where the hosting family would get their credit card ka-chunged, then the kids would be led (sans parental escort) into the basement of the mall. There, "supervised" by a bored teenager, you would be invited to have food fights, whip-cream battles, and to careen around in the dark with shopping carts while assaulted by strobe lights, crashing into concrete walls covered in old mattresses. There were often strange objects on the floor, like moldy hot dogs or unidentifiable spills. If your parents were big spenders, you might even get picked up and dropped off in a ramshackle limousine with old condoms and garbage on the floor. So, I guess my question is, does anybody know WHICH lawsuit blew these guys out of the water once and for all?
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Response by poster: And yes, before you ask, I HAVE confirmed these memories with other people. It's not all a figment of my deranged imagination. SOMEBODY made money doing least for a few years.
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Best answer: What, These guys?
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They still exist.

May I recommend a google search next time?
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I had a birthday party at the Mad Hatter and it was the FUNNEST thing EVER. I have no memories of condoms, although i probably didn't know what at a condom was, at that age.

Now I'm hoping they'll do adult events. 'Team Building', anyone?
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Oh man I had one of these in Mississauga when I was a kid! I still remember it. It was totally awesome and wild. And messy.
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