Pity the child that can't find a production of his favorite musical
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I love the musical "Chess." It is rarely ever produced, though. How or where can I get alerts in my email when a production of "Chess" is in the Los Angeles area?

I have heard of SMS, but have never used it. Is this something that would help? I'd just like to be alerted when someone in the general LA vicinity is mounting a production of "Chess" so I can get tickets. Big, small, doesn't matter, although the bigger the better. How can I find out about them?
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Best answer: I would set up a Google alert with the search terms: Chess musical tickets "tim rice" (and whatever else) and then either "Los Angeles" or the relevant area codes to limit the geography of the search.
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You could further restrict the search to LA by adding "site:http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/arts/" to your google alert query.
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Response by poster: LOL! Just set up the Google alert and it immediately alerted me about this AskMe question. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Diddly, does that mean it will only find news from the LA Times, or does it direct the search to look at the LA Times in addition to everything else?
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Using the site: term in the search would exclude the rest of the internet, but you can always have multiple google alerts going. Use the site: term to laser focus, and then use area codes (or towns, or "Orange County" or whatever floats your boat) to get a broader range. You'll get more noise using my search, but using site: could, theoretically, exclude results you might want to see.
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I have nothing useful to answer, but to say that I greatly admire your musical tastes, and of course you own the concert DVD put out two years ago with Josh Groban, Idina Minzel and Adam Pascal, among other wonderful voices?
It would be my dream to see this live someday too.
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If you're going with the site specific google alerts, you might want to add one specific to LA Stage Alliance's website.
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