Where can I advertise an improv comedy show?
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My improv troupe is looking for ways to publicize our shows, beyond the word-of-mouth and email lists we've been working with so far. As part of this effort, I'm looking for websites with listings and schedules for comedy shows--particularly improv comedy--in the Los Angeles area. Specifically, of course, I'm looking for sites that allow you to post your own listing, or submit it for posting. Any suggestions?
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Upcoming fits your criteria.
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One I frequent: Dead Frog

I was going to suggest Blow Up The Moon, but their forums seem to have fallen into spam disrepair.
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Aspecialthing.com (temporarily down at the moment, should be back up soon)



The Coming

Plus the usual calendars (the weeklies, Metromix, etc). That should pretty much do it.
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Kind of an off-topic suggestion, but have you considered taping a show and posting it to YouTube and/or making a podcast?

If you were to do that, you could have a URL on each clip that would point to a site with your schedule. It would be a good way to promote your shows in an arena that wasn't specific to your "industry."
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Piling on vertigo25's suggestion: I've been surprised at the number of comedians I respect who take their MySpace/Facebook presence pretty seriously. It must work for them, or they wouldn't be doing it.

They key with a MySpace strategy is much like that of a blog: you have to plug away and keep it updated, even when no one seems to be visiting. It will eventually tip in your favor.
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I keep the aforementioned Dead-Frog and concur with all the suggestions above - not just my site. All are good places to talk and promote comedy. I'm working on a project that hopefully help local comics more, but sadly, not complete yet.

I would suggest getting involved seriously with each of those communities - getting active in discussion boards and commenting beyond promoting your shows. It's just good ettiquette and it'll make friends with a lot of like minded fans and - potentially - performers - who might guest on your show and then promote it at their events (or have you guest at their show - thus promote your event).

Cronyism. Make it your friend.
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Sometimes my husband and I will check out YouTube before we go see shows, to see if we like the style or not. Generic, I know, but a potentially wide audience.

Do you have your own website where you could post video links?
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