HTML to RSS without your own server?
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Can anyone help me create an RSS feed, using Yahoo Pipes, from a list on an HTML page?

I want an RSS feed of my Slashdot comments. I used Fetch Page with the following parameters:

Cut Content From: <br><b>1</b>
to <div id="footer">
Split Using Delimiter: <br><b></b>

And it does create a list of just my comments as fragments of HTML. How do I turn that list into an RSS feed?

(I don't have to use Pipes. If there's a better solution, I'm all ears.)
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Feed43 has been particularly useful for a similar task of mine.
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Just a tip: However you accomplish this, take the resulting feed and feed it through Feedburner - which will give you a new Feedburner feed

That way, if you find a better way to do this later, you can just plug the new feed into the existing Feedburner as its input, and you won't have to give out a new feed address to other people if you're doing this.

I do this for my "Master feed", which uses Yahoo Pipes to merge my blog, my photoblog, occasional sermons I preach at church (filtered from their blog), and my Into iSpace project blog all into one big feed, which then goes through Feedburner and comes out as
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Response by poster: Thanks yellowbkpk. And for the bonus round, is there one for user comments too?

Thanks for the tip worldshift, but I'm already feeding this all into Twitter using Twitterfeed
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here's your bonus points:
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Response by poster: That Metafilter one doesn't seem to work. The preview only shows my questions, not my comments and when you try and run it, it says something about file not found. :(
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