Oops I slashdotted again
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Can I make an RSS feed of one person's Slashdot comments?

It's possible to make an RSS feed out of a Slashdot journal. Is it possible to do the same for that user's slashdot comment stream?
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err, did you try?
posted by meta_eli at 4:53 PM on April 24, 2008

Yahoo Pipes?
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@meta_ali -- that's the journal, not the comment feed.

I'm looking for their comment feed, similar to what I see if I go to a user's userpage.
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Brilliant! Web2008 >> Web2002.
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Follow-up: Yep, it's possible to take a Yahoo! Pipe and do just about anything with a well-defined feed.

It's not easy. One has to be able to use regular expressions to get anything useful done. But it's doable.
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I asked a similar question and could never get the answer working. If you manage, please post details here.
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Come to think of it, "working" for me meant it included a standard date format, which it doesn't. Worked fine as a live bookmark though.
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I asked a similar question and could never get the answer working. If you manage, please post details here.

I think this is actually redundant with some of the comments on your thread, so thanks for the link. The dapper link is actually exactly what I needed.

Pipes is immensely powerful, but hard to deal with. If you want to get the full text of your comments you'll have to create two Pipes -- one will get a list of all of your comments, the second will fill in the details of each.

Messing around with Pipes led me to Feed43.com, which is a little bit easier, and feedity which is a lot easier.

On Feedity I just gave it an input URL and then hit "refine" to tell it what type of link I was looking for. The problem is that Feedity slaps a big old advertisement across your feed, but you can pay to get out of it.

What was the problem with your answers, especially Dapper?
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I'm still not sure what you mean by "standard date format", but I guess that you mean that each individual RSS item had a date that didn't match the date on which you made the comment. I'd run that through a Yahoo! Pipe. Copy the content into item.date and then run a RegEx looking for just a date format. It'll break if you have a date in your comment that is in the same format as the date format that /. uses, but it'll work 99% of the time.
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