What do I migrate to?
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It seems Yahoo finally agreed with me and is EOL'ing pipes.yahoo.com. Is there a comparable service I can migrate to?

I found Pipes useful for filtering firehose RSS feeds into useful categories, and for quasi-legal behavior like fullsized comics inlined in RSS.

It was also useful for being able to do that without worrying about Perl Syntax, RSS caching rules, or invalid XML. And for being able to find other people's published pipes and borrowing/improving them.

Anyone have a similar service they recommend migrating to?
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If This Then That can do some rudimentary RSS manipulation. Here's a sample of something else you could do.
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I use IFTTT to either email or bookmark (using pinboard) a few different RSS feeds.
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I use Inoreader, which cropped up around when Google Reader died (RIP). You can view images/articles inline, and you can sort your articles into categories based on a number of different qualifications (I don't sort mine so I can't be specific). I'm not sure if you can view other people's RSS aggregates, however. I've never used Pipes so I'm not sure if it's exactly what you want, but I'd say it's worth a look.
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I posted about the end of life to Hacker News, "Yahoo Pipes End-Of-life Announcement". There are many suggested solutions there.
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I, too, was a Google Reader user. feedly is great.
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Feedly's a great RSS reader, and IFTTT integrates the Feedly API with a bunch of others, so you can play around with those possibilities. Then there's Zapier, which is like IFTTT times a million.
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Well, depending on exactly how you used it, there's FeedRinse (filtering), and FullTextRSS and WizardRSS (expand feeds to full-text). There seem to be a few more expansion services now which I will be trying out, since not all feeds will work with those two.

And for page scraping, I like Feed43. It works reasonably well on comic sites.
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Oh, just found this article:

The 13 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives You Should Look at Today

They had a bunch of stuff I hadn't heard of before that looks promising.
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