Yet another Yahoo! Pipes/RSS question...
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I'd like to create a feed of all references to my web site (by searching for the domain name) on popular link farms such as reddit.

I tried to do this by creating a fairly simple Y! Pipe, but this didn't work because they redirect the link via their own domain.

Can anyone suggest an easy way of doing this? I just want to search the links from reddit, digg, delicious, etc. (those three will do for now) and have an RSS feed of just the results. If I can pipe them all into one RSS feed, even better, but this is optional.

I can already do this easily with sites like Metafilter, since the URL is contained within the post.
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I bet you could do this with dapper, which I discovered in a post a few down from this one.
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I just learned about My Buzz Monitor a few minutes ago from a blog-buddy. It will do RSS feeds (I'm using Bloglines), and AFAIK find all references to your site -- not just the social sites. Hope it is what you are looking for.
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