Hot rabbit recipe
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A chilli rabbit recipe from a 'Hemphills Herbs and Spices' book.

I once had a recipe book that was essentially a promotional tool for 'Hemphills Herbs and Spices' (an Australian herb and spice purveyor, natch). A4 size, paperback, and (from memory) had a picture of Ian and his mother, Rosemary, standing in front of hedge with an armful of herbs - it was a very green picture. It had a recipe for cooking rabbit with the main ingredients being chilli*, garlic and tomato. The recipe I'm seeking DOES NOT CONTAIN BEANS. Does anyone have this book and is willing to share the recipe? Or, if not this exact recipe, one that DOES NOT CONTAIN BEANS but has chilli, garlic and tomato as the main ingredients.
*I fear my search has been severely hampered by the variants in the spelling of chilli, chili and chile.
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If no-one provides you with it. Why not ring Herbie? He's very personable. And frequently in the shop. Or you could go in and be sorely tempted to spend a small fortune on spices you will probably never do justice to..... or that might only be me.
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I'm sure you've seen it, but here's his site.

Best of luck, possum!
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Response by poster: No, I hadn't seen the site taff. What a 'product portal' it is, a search for 'rabbit' turns up this. Thanks for the tip though, I'll give them a ring. And believe me, I'll be doing it justice. This rabbit recipe is an absolute knockout. I haven't made it for many years but it still lives on in memory. I was watching a Jamie Oliver programme last week when he cooked a rabbit and it triggered the memory of this heavenly dish (for my partner, not me, I have since turned vegetarian - but it is the season of giving).
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When you find it, post it here for us, will you?
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Response by poster: I went to Herbies in Rozelle today, and you're right taff, they are very personable. They even searched through their library that they keep upstairs from the shop. No luck though (just a dodgy sounding milk and thyme affair). They think it may have been an old 'Rosemary' recipe rather than an 'Ian' one, so they have suggested that I email them with what I remember and they'll see about asking her. They also pointed me in the direction of a couple of second-hand bookshops that have extensive cookery book sections and also recommended a butcher on Parramatta Road just off Norton Street to buy the rabbit when I eventually get a recipe.
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