I'm geting in the (chilli) jam
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I need some chilli jam/chutney/relish/etc recipes that ACTUALLY FEATURE CHILLIES DAMNIT as I have lots and lots of chillis of varying heat (from none to lots), but most recipes seem to actually be built around other ingredients, with just a few chillis. That will not do. I need recipes that are mostly chillis. Peppers/capsicums are acceptable substitutes, too, I suppose. Thanks AskMe!
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What kind of chiles do you have? Would this recipe for Raspberry Green Chile Jam work?
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What kind of chiles do you have?

I got all kinds. I've got habaneros, jalapenos, a mild variety called Cherio Del Norte, Aji Lemons, Texas Tepins, and this spicy little ball ones.
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Colombian aji is delicious.
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Make your own Sriracha sauce.
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Habanero Gold jelly/jam recipe.
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You need Jamaican "gravy". Recipe here. That stuff is awesome and best after a couple of months forgotten at the back of the cupboard. And if that doesn't take care of a pile of chillis then perhaps a sambal might be the way to go - there are about a million recipes and there is something for everyone. Start with sambal oelek, which is basically chillies ground with sugar, salt, lime and vinegar.
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This chilli jam recipe uses half chillis, half red peppers but I have made it with 100% JalapeƱo (300g!) and with 1/3rd chillis and 2/3rds peppers (very hot red chillis, it would have been too hot at 50:50) and it worked great both times. The only other ingredients are sugar and vinegar.
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In USA, the folder in the Sure-Jel (pectin) box used to have a recipe for spiced tomato jam. I subbed hot peppers of various stripe for the tomatoes, and when it was done cooking put it through my Foley food mill to get the seeds out before bottling. Was excellent spread on top a block of creamcheese as a dip for tortilla chips.
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I use the ball blue book's jalapeno jam recipe, similar to missmagenta's:
3/4lb japaneno (stem/seeded)
2 cups cider vinegar (don't use white)
6 cups sugar
2 pouches liquid pectin

wash/clean/seed/stem peppers, puree with 1 cup of vinegar.
Combine puree with second cup of vinegar and sugar in large sauce pot
Stir to mix, boil 10 minutes stirring whole time.
Add pectin, rolling/hard boil 1 minute, kill heat, skim if needed
hot-pack in sterilized jars
10 minutes boiling water bath.

It's great - good on PB&J, REALLY good with crackers and cheese. Color of jam depends on the peppers - I prefer my jelly to be orange rather than green, so I let the peppers ripen first.
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When we have an excess of chili peppers and no particular bookmarked use, we just foodprocess all of them together with some salt and olive oil into a paste. Occasionally I'll blacken some of hte peppers on my gas stove to get a bit of char/smoke, but this step isn't necessary. This paste appears to be fridge stable for at least 3-4weeks. This paste is excellent in everything.- (although I suppose it plays fast and loose with food safety? maybe?)
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Okay I'm gonna whip up some stuff today - will report back!
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Thank you all, I made a massive batch of the golden habanero jelly - it's very delicious and will pair wonderfully with white meats.

I'll continue popping in as more chillies ripen and I make more stuff!
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Okay I made the "Jamaican Gravy" today. It looked great, and taste pretty good sans steeping, hopefully it will be great in a month. FYI, I added some salt and sugar to that recipe cause it was crying for it. It is a delightfully easy way of getting rid of a shit tonne of chillis.
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