Cheap Prepaid SIM in Canada?
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Prepaid SIM card in Canada?

I have an AT&T cell phone in Louisiana but I'll be travelling to Ottawa Canada for the next few weeks - is there an easy/cheap way to get cell service using my current phone? I don't need to keep my number but I have a non-unlocked Nokia 6030 I could use as a handset. What are my options?
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Fido can give you prepaid service, as well as Virgin Mobile. Fido should have Kiosks all over malls in Ottawa, but for Virgin Mobile you'll need to go to one of the many ubiquitous cell shops around. Fido will charge $30 for a SIM card and then they have several levels of prepaid service depending on what you want. It's not super-cheap, but it's not terribly expensive either, especially if you're only using your phone briefly. One of the prepaid options on Fido does give you the ability to spend a buck a day and have unlimited incoming calls, so that might be good if you're expecting people to be calling you, not vice versa.
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Not sure if you're going to be able to use your Nokia handset if it's locked to AT&T. I mean, it shouldn't really. You could try it but if it doesn't work (I can't see it working) then you're stuck. Why not just call in to AT&T and get an unlock code for your phone?
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If you can't unlock your phone then you'll need to buy a new phone. If you can't get a cheap unlocked phone from ebay or something, then just check out what's the cheapest you can get from any of the Canadian carriers. If you can get a cheap unlocked phone, then Fido and Rogers (apparently Virgin? I don't know about that) are the choices for GSM carriers in Canada.
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One of the best deals (if it's available in your part of Canada) is SpeakOutWireless, available at most 7-11's. They often have deals where if you buy $100 of airtime, you get a free phone. Minutes expire 1 year after activation, unlike most of the other carriers in Canada who expire 30 days after activation. They run on the Rogers network, which is one of the largest ones in the country.
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Virgin Mobile in Canada does not use GSM phones. You'll need service from Rogers or Fido or someone who uses their network.
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Rogers is what my AT&T phone goes into roaming on whenever I cross the border. I'd check with them first.
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