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[holiday_gift-filter] My wife needs a new watch and I'd like to buy one for her, but I can't seem to find anything that fits my requirements.

She needs something with a digital face, that easily comes on and off, and looks equally appropriate with hospital scrubs and business attire.
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The MOMA store has a couple of nice/fun ones.
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Rado has some models that have digital readouts as well as the analog face. I haven't the foggiest clue what 'looks equally appropriate with hospital scrubs' means, but with a dark ceramic band, they'd probably be easy to clean and hard to stain.
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Maybe this? It's surprisingly hard to find a good-looking digital watch.
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Hmm. Here are a few:

Kenneth Cole with a white leather strap; it's attractive but has an unusual digital face.

Another Kenneth Cole, but with a metal bracelet. Again, the digital face is unusual.

Those are actually the only two I could find that seem to be appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. My other suggestion would be to contact one of the sellers at etsy, one of whom might be willing to create a watch for your wife. If you see something you like, you could probably ask the seller if there is a way to substitute a digital face. Good luck!
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FOSSIL has quite a few that would probably meet your criteria. This is the one I would probably go for were I buying for my wife with the same criteria, but that's me.

Oh, and, incidentally: Whatever you do, don't sell your hair to pay for the watch. No good will come of it, believe me.
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Not to sound snobbish, but my Rolex looks good with my scrubs and business attire, (R.N. working in the O.R. here--and before anyone says anything, it was my engagement gift instead of ring--much more functional!).
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Oh yeah--look at Timeandgems.com for very nice second hand stuff.
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Sorry, just reread and saw digital--thought it said digits at first.
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These (scroll down) are digital, sleek and seem to be easy to take off. Unfortunately, the store is in Europe. I also like some of the Danish Design watches, from the same store.

The Starck watches for Fossil are similar, you will find them cheap in Ebay.
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Might I suggest the Swatch Skin .Beat. It's available in a variety of styles and because it's (so) very thin it's great under whatever sleeves she might be wearing at any given time.
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