Simple pocketwatch, either from the fringe or elsewhere
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I need/want the pocketwatch shown in this screenshot from Fringe. Where can I find it? Failing that, can you point me to a similar (classy, simple) pocketwatch for under, say, $200?

You can't see it in the screenshot, but I'm pretty sure that watch says "Classico" across the face. I wasn't able to Google up anything good from that. Maybe you can.

If that particular watch isn't an option, how close can I come? The black case isn't necessary -- silver/chrome is ok too, though I'd rather stay away from gold or brass. What I want is a simple, undecorated case and a simple, un-tricked-out face. Either Arabic numerals or Roman ones. Can it be done?
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I am chiming in to say: Good luck. I am a big fan of wearing a pocket watche but haven't been able to find one I've liked since my old one broke several years ago. Most are either gaudy and huge, or have trains on them (why trains?).

I will be following this thread with great interest.
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Ditto here. I had to carry some from the way way way back (the last one I carried was plain and chromed from 1906) just to get something that's not gaudy, cheap, and / or tiny. When it stopped working, I've been watchless--despite making a pretty thorough attempt to find a good solid quartz one.

You can avoid trains if you don't mind getting patriotic logos, various prey animals, and so on. I don't think you can avoid 'tacky', though. I considered getting a Russian model (the last sub-$1000 ones with decent mechanical movements, though none of them are quite the right thing).

I too will be watching this one with interest.
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Pocket Watch Central (the first sponsored link when googling for "pocket watch" has a full catalogue of pocket watches by price range. Here's the $100-300 set. There seem to be some that would fit what you're looking for.

I have a Soviet pocket watch; I don't know how old it is--I bought it from a Russian street vendor (same with my wrist watch, which I adore). The pocket watch runs like a tank--but it is very gaudy with Soviet symbols, which would be somewhat incongruous with my day job. Sadly, among us in this thread, it is really difficult to have a pocket watch and not seem like a dork with a twee affectation. Just sayin'.
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Amazon seems to have quite a few unadorned pocket watches for cheap. Here's one.
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I used to own a pocketwatch many, many years ago. It was cheap and easily dismantled (and uh...mantled, I guess). I bring this up because you can buy a cheap, bright, shiny brassy watch then strip the finish and apply a patina to get the finish you want.

Here's a list of patinas/formulae.
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Why trains is because the railroads pretty much invented our modern ways of dealing with time, from making pocket watches more or less necessary to the system of time zones we use today.

I second Admiral Haddock's idea of Russian watches. (Check eBay and caveat emptor!)

Back when watches were purely mechanical, the USSR licensed a bunch of Swiss movements and made their own. Around the 70s, when quartz movements came along, the Swiss kind of missed the boat on them, the market got taken over by the Japanese, and mechanical watches became very expensive heirloom items while everyone else wore Japanese quartz movements. Except in the USSR. Like some kind of time capsule, they missed this whole thing.

So there are still Russian companies making reasonably priced mechanical watches, and this includes pocket watches. (One brand name to look for is Poljot.) A lot of their stuff is kind of faux Soviet kitsch - models they claim were official Soviet issue for various military ranks and services. They weren't. Actual Soviet watches tended to be very dull, not gaudy at all. But you can find some simple pocket watches if you look. Here's the basic eBay search right now.
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What kind of quality are you looking for? If you're not looking for a future family heirloom, how about something like this from Relic? [Not saying I don't think Relic/Fossil watches aren't good quality, because I do -- I own more Relic watches than anyone really should.] If I recall correctly from seeing it in-store, the front of the case of this one is simply brushed metal.
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