Watches for the 99%
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I enjoy reading the reviews and ogling the pictures of all of the high-end luxury wristwatches on Hodinkee. Is there an equivalent magazine for less-affluent wristwatch enthusiasts? Those of us in the sub $1K price range? I would prefer a well-written news and review site to a forum of collectors, but if there are some forums of with exceptionally high-quality pics and reviews I would be okay with that.
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Best answer: Worn and Wound
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Best answer: Seconding Worn and Wound. They're pretty much the go-to site for sub $1k watches, and nice guys too. (Disclaimer: I am friends with several of the contributors there)
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Best answer: Thirding Worn and Wound. Great to hear that they're nice people.
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Response by poster: Well that was quick and exactly what I wanted. Thanks team!
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