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How do I buy a cheap fake Rolex outside of New York?

I want to buy a $30 fake Rolex like Dapwell does in this Vice article. When I look around for this stuff on the Internet, I find a lot of overpriced tacky junk, and things that look vaguely like real Rolexes, well, from what I can tell people try to pass those off on ebay as genuine. You could order from China but for way too much. I don't care if it's a real counterfeit or not. It doesn't have to say Rolex on it. I'm in Portland and a thriving trade in counterfeit goods isn't among this city's many fine advantages. Please help. I am desperate.
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Maybe hire someone on Taskrabbit to go to Canal Street and ship it to you?
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I see these at thrift stores all the time. The really big goodwill regularly has at least two. The smaller stores seem to have at least one every week.

A lot of times they still have the little peel-off plastic on the back and stuff, even.
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I believe that it is illegal to buy or sell (but not own) counterfeit watches. If you, however, want a cheap watch that looks a lot like a Rolex, there are several companies making 'homage' watches which appear alike except that they don't actually say 'Rolex' on them. While this is technically legal, this is somewhat controversial; some people argue that these are coming off the same lines as the fakes, etc.

That being said, there's a company selling watches on eBay. They are branded 'Bagelsport' but are clearly modeled after Rolex watches. They are also around $35.
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