Help Identify Radio Song - maybe Susan Aglukark?
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I'd be really thrilled if someone could tell me what song this is. It used to be popular(ish) on the radio in central Canada in the mid-90's and I *think* that the artist is Susan Aglukark ( but I could be off on that. There are no words in the song that I can remember and it's really hard to google search on a melody. I've tried to create a picture of the notes (to the best of my ability) and I've also created a small mp3 file the overall melody (see tinyurl link - hopefully the ding-dong computer sound doesn't annoy you too much) I'd really appreciate your help with this - I've been singing this tune to people for years to try and figure out what song it is.

Here's a link to the ding-dong mp3 -
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Response by poster: sorry, the picture didn't come through, if you want to see it, it's at
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I'm no good with matching melodies, but I noticed that there was a bunch of her music up on the Canadian iTunes store; if you have iTunes installed, try poking around in the music store and listening to the previews? (you can change your country via a dropdown menu).

additionally, welcome to MeFi!
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Best answer: Unless I'm mishearing that, it sounds more like Enigma's Return to Innocence than Susan Aglukark. Aglukark's biggest hit, which was in heavy rotation on Canadian radio in the mid 90s, was O Siem, but it doesn't sound anything like that.

(You can find a sample of Return to Innocence on the iTunes store. For O Siem you'll have to look elsewhere.)
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Teg's right. It's definitely Return To Innocence by Enigma.
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Agreed. Return to Innocence.
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Best answer: Nthing Return to Innocence.
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Response by poster: thanks a lot! You've made my MeFi worthwhile already - from here everything is gravy!
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Wow. That's quite impressive that people made an I.D. off of that ding-dong mp3!!
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