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Posting for a friend: Why can't I do multi-size printing from different trays on my HP 2600n printer?

HP 2600n Color Laser Multi-Size Printing from two trays

I recently purchased an additional tray for my 2600n Color Laser printer--one for legal size, one for letter size. I have to print PDF documents that come to me from clients already formatted out so that some pages are legal and some are letter--they are all mixed in, depending on the order. This cannot be modified, or have the order altered as they are sometimes 200 pages in length. Some documents need to be pulled for filing, etc. Basically, it is all in one print job.

My programs (Adobe Reader - PDF/Microsoft Word - DOC) have no problem taking the correct size papers from the appropriate trays--great. However, once a letter size page prints, the entire print job is botched. For example:

A PDF document has page 1 as legal size, page 2 as letter size, page 3 as legal size. Page 1 prints fine on legal, page 2 prints fine on letter, then page 3 will print out on legal size paper which it is supposed to do, but it only prints letter size on that legal size sheet of paper, cutting off whatever is at the bottom and also doing that for any other legal size pages after that.

This is a real problem. I understand having two trays so you don't have to continuously change out what type of paper you want--but didn't anyone have the thought that one print job might want to use both sizes of paper at random intervals?

Please, PLEASE someone tell me I can just change a setting or something. I have literally tried EVERYTHING. I have installed the latest firmware, software drivers, I have checked and unchecked every box that I possibly can--including how the pages get spooled--nothing has worked. Thanks in advance for your replies!!
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Best answer: That sounds like a driver issue to me. I don't think you'd be seeing this problem if the printer did postscript natively, but..

the 2600n has dropped PostScript emulation in favor of host-based GDI, which (like an inkjet) relies on your computer to do the image processing.

I wouldn't really suspect Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word are truncating the pages.
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Paper size is per-document, so I'm surprised that it even sorta kinda worked. You should simply print these oddball documents on the largest paper size that will be needed by any page in the document, legal in this case.
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I am the friend that the above question was posted for.

I ended up buying a new printer. I bought the next model up, which is the 2605dn. The 2505dn has the postscrip emulation and now the documents are printing exactly as they should be.

Thanks dereisbaer!
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