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Anyone know any music that sounds like this?

I'm a big Aphex Twin fan and I really love the song Milkman - not for the crazy lyrics (though I do get a kick out of them) - but because it's just so good. It's not really like anything else of his that I've heard (maybe some piano compositions on "drukQs"). Anyone know any music that sounds like this song? Thanks!
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The page says it's based on listener data, but I think it's actually determined by a song fingerprinting program they've been tinkering with.
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Yeah, you're right that it's a pretty uncharacteristic song for twin. I'm not sure about comparing it to those drukqs piano pieces though... they remind me more of Satie than milkman :)
For happy, warm sounding but frenetic electronica go with Cornelius or Lemon Jelly. If you're more into the glitchy-ness of Milkman get some early Prefuse 73, or any of the fine artists on the late, great Merck records.
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Yay, Merck!

Milkman still has some of the glitchy drill-n-bass that's on the rest of that album. I would suggest Animals on Wheels (Designs & Mistakes) might interest you.
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If you find that Prefuse 73 strikes your fancy, he records under a whole mess of different names.
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U-Zig, Squarepusher (Red Hot Car?), Amon Tobin, other Rephlex records music makers. Admittedly, they don't echo the precise mood of Milkman, but it's as close as I know of. When Aphex is on point, there just isn't anyone else like him that I know of.
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Squarepusher might be right down your alley willmillar.
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Have you tried creating a Pandora or similar playlist from the song?
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Seconding Squarepusher and Amon Tobin (though darker); perhaps also Bisk.
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The Notwist, possibly Sybarite and MeFi's own Fake (both can be heard here). I also recommend Lemon Jelly, Prefuse 73, Tobin, and Cornelius.
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Posting the response of a non-mefite chum who is the source of all knowledge for this kind of stuff -
similar sounding stuff to my mind would be planet mu's mu-ziq (mike paradinas) and the 'lunatic harness' or 'in pine effect' albums, released around the same time. As was pearsquashers 'feed me weird things', but that has a much more sporadic mental jazz approach, with only certain songs perhaps keeping inline with the 'drill'n'bass' theme (hate that term).

but tbh, the rest of the richard d. james album is pretty much the only thing close to milkman. more generally however, there's a shit load of stuff - venetian snares, chevron, bitstream, even quinoline yellow at points. they're all planet mu primarily i think

maps and diagrams - polytuft tech (some random german label).
squarepusher - hard normal daddy (warp) (but pretty much everything is ace) hard normal daddy was the same time as milkman though
gimmik (worm interface) for glitchy more, ambient, warmer sounding stuff
Hopefully this brain dump is of use to you!
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I'm not quite sure how Amon Tobin sounds anything like Milkman. I'd probably say Mr. Scruff is closer sounding.

Prefuse 73 is more hip-hop oriented, but you might find his remixing of The Books to be more what you're looking for.

Seconding a lot of what thoughtless said, namely Lunatic Harness.

The Flashbulb has a few tracks that are glitchy/pop fusion like Chik Habit -- the song that loops through the Death Proof DVD menu.
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