Help me find Possible Possum video
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I used to watch a cartoon as a kid that had a character in it named Possible Possum. From searching it, it appears to be part of the TerryToon cartoons. I have found some of the terrytoon cartoons on youtube but none with Possible Possum. Any idea where I can either view, rent, or buy any of these old cartoons that contain Possible Possum?
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Was he a character in the Deputy Dawg cartoons?
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Amazon has a couple of used VHS tapes for cheap and eBay stores has some VHS Terrytoons compilations that mention Possible Possum in the description. Here's one on YouTube with the dialogue dubbed in Russian but PP's opening song intact.
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I seem to recall Possible Possum from the Deputy Dawg cartoons as well. His catchphrase being "It's poss-i-bull, it's poss-i-bull."
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Deputy Dawg, for sure. There's sure to be some on YouTube.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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