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Costume ideas, Halloween, NYC... traveling light, help????

will be in NYC on business the weekend before halloween and have been invited to a "halloween" party/ scavenger hunt in Brooklyn... any suggestions for a costume that does not involve bringing a bunch of stuff in my luggage? doesn't have to be elaborate...bonus points for anything I could buy in Manhattan before I catch the subway to the party...
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you do not want to try to buy a costume in manhattan last minute around halloween, the lines will be crazy long and crazy slow. if you're staying at a hotel, why not just buy a costume online and have it shipped to the hotel? that way you don't have to bring anything with you.
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dude, take a crazy hat, sunglasses, and some tape.

When you get to New York, find an empty box.

Now put everything together and recreate the "Dick in The Box" dude.
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Buy an I (Heart) NY tee shirt for a few bucks, tuck it into sweatpants, wield a camera and a poorly folded subway map, and come as a tourist.
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Low-Rent Viking: crumple some aluminum foil into horns, affix to cheapo aluminum colander helmet. Cut shield out of cardboard, cover with more foil for a classy touch.

Hit a hardware/housewares store in NY (try Chinatown) for the colander. You might find a suitably lethal-looking spatula for your sword.
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Chauncey Gardener.
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Bat costume.
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Black socks, dress shoes, thong, overcoat, voila!
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Borat - this shouldn't take up to much space in your suitcase.
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