They're selling "Sexy Raccoon" this year?!
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There are a lot of things I love about the idea of going as La Calavera Catrina for Halloween this year, but I'm worried it might be offensive. What other costumes might incorporate the same sort of elaborate, open-ended craftiness and dramatic design?

Basically, this is awesome-looking. Glamourous, instantly recognizable, has an interesting art history. However, I have no Mexican heritage and I'm worried that it might be another case of drunk white girls appropriating other cultures for a costume party. Is that the case? If it is, even a bit, it would make me uncomfortable. What could I do instead?

I love planning costumes and working on them over time, and I'm crafty. I really enjoy the process of tracking down the right pieces to complete a costume (last year it was WWII-era uniform buttons on eBay), and I think if I were a little bit less self-conscious I'd probably be a cosplayer.

My first costume idea, a sarcastic Sexy Astronaut, jumped the shark. I thought about doing this Klimt, but that's pretty obscure.

History or art history are especially welcome.

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In a similar vein, going as Frida Kahlo from any of her self-portraits gives you variety and could be pretty cool. Idk how hip of a crowd you run with to see whether this would be trendy or passe.

You could go as a work of Dali and just have all sorts of weird crap strewn over yourself, both physical objects and makeup. Same goes for Picasso, either the blue or surrealist periods could work well.

Uhh...The Girl With A Pearl Earring, Tamara: Queen of the Goths, Random people from Greek History or Greek/Roman goddesses could be cool.
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What about some kind of nebulously Celtic Herne the Hunter thing with (artificial) antlers? Or what about going as a bird, with a big sleek (and obviously non-Native-style) feathered headpiece? (I kind of want to do that). Or I once saw someone (for a play) dressed up as the alien from Alien and she'd made this big weird sharp gothy headdress.
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IANH (I am not Hispanic), but I don't see how this could be offensive, unless you plan on ACTING like a drunken white girl appropriating other cultures for a costume party. If you came dressed like the Virgin of Guadalupe, then YES, that might be offensive to some. If it's tastefully and respectfully done I think it could be lovely and very appropriate for Halloween.
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I really doubt that anyone is going to accost you about a Halloween costume. Here in LA, lots of people dress up as various cultural icons and no one says boo. It's a holiday, it's a disguise, and why not? I don't know any Latinas that feel like they have to stick to dressing as senoritas or Ramona.
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Well if it helps, I had a [white] friend dress up like this last Halloween, she looked great and got a lot of compliments.
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I'm Mexican, and seriously? If done well this is the BEST COSTUME. I did similar for three years (tutu! makeup! scaring little kids because it looked BADASS), and this year, I'm going to be an Octopus.

Good luck!
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For whatever it's worth, here in Texas I've seen a fair number of Dia de los Muertos inspired Halloween costumes, such as you're considering, and I've never heard anyone suggest there might be anything politically incorrect about it.
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Response by poster: I'm encouraged that you guys think it might be okay! Anyone want to pipe up against it?
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Response by poster: Also, bibliogrrl, that octopus is *awesome.* You could even glue the large-diameter bubble wrap on in strips as suckers!
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I'm Mexican; there's nothing offensive about this.

I'm worried that it might be another case of drunk white girls appropriating other cultures for a costume party

If you wore it with a micro-skirt, stripper heels and deep cleavage , yeah, perhaps. Or maybe not, I'm imagining a roller derby interpretation, it could be really cool.

Do it.
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I say go for it too, done well it's more of a tribute, and it is a stunning costume idea!!! I may even have to give it a go!
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Chiming in from Oakland, my sense is that you could wear that and get nothing but "Awesome!" and "Badass!" comments from onlookers. If I weren't so resolutely low-low-low-maintenance, I'd be hella tempted by that costume idea.
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Another Chicana here to say-- this would be a great costume!
Good lord, it is a heck of lot better than many other costumes I've seen--most of those using a giant sombrero and serape!
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Just another Mexican-American chiming in to say that La Catrina costumes are beautiful.

In any case, it belongs more to the realm of a universal 20th-century Art than it does to an ancient Mexican tradition or anything like that. That is, it belongs to everybody.

My Mexican mother, who tells me of traditional Day of the Dead gatherings she went to as a little girl in Mexico, also has told me how pleased she is that Americans seem to value the aesthetic.
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If you want to go with this costume (not latina but I think it's an amazing idea) you can check out Makeup Alley and search for 'dia de los muertos', 'day of the dead' or 'sugar skull' for ideas and tips.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody! I'm excited :)
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