Help me find a quick and simple costume!
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I'm looking for easy and funny Halloween costume ideas. Topical or newsy/political stuff is great, but I'm open to anything that doesn't require a lot of supplies.

Some examples:

In 2001, a guy wore a makeshift noose around his neck, and a name sticker that said "Hi, My Name Is Chad."

A friend is drawing a backwards red B on her cheek, a la Ashley Todd.

I'm sure there will be lots of Joe the Plumbers (or is it Joes the Plumber, like Attorneys General?), and Sarah Palins (I'm in DC), but I'm interested in any and all ideas! Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Oh, and I'm a mid-twenties guy, in case that makes a difference.
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My fiancee is going as Sarah Palin, so I've got some snowmobile logos printed out ready to attach to a black long-sleeved t-shirt, and the word "CHAMPYUN" for the back, and maybe some snow pants and a goatee and I'm going as her husband, Todd Palin...
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You will need the following items:

1) One crazy hat (king, cowboy or sombrero).
2) One feather boa, preferably red. Essential
3) Wild stockings-- fishnet, checkered, whatever. (Each stocking goes up each leg. if you are unfamiliar with women's hosiery, this won't be uncomfortable for a man.)
4) Scepter, sword or hatchet-- you could make one yourself if you want to save money.

For shoes, I recommend high heels if you've got them, or slippers.
For clothes, wear plain black shorts and a long-sleeved black turtleneck. Nothing to draw attention away from your costume.

Total cost: about $40 dollars at the mall.

Voila! You are something!
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Last year my boyfriend cut one half of the rear out of a pair of old jeans and went as a "half-assed costume"
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I did this this year and it was pretty easy and well received, so much so I keep talking about it:

Get a tap light from your local Target or Walmart or whatever. They come in multiple sizes, so opt for the smaller variety.

Many tap lights have stick-on backs. Use that plus some well placed holes and needle and thread to sew that into the upper center chest of a well fitting white undershirt.

Put on a suit over said undershirt. Make sure your button down shirt is light colored and of thin fabric.

Press the light to turn it on.

Congratulations! You're Tony Stark!
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A friend showed up at one of my parties wearing jeans and light blue shirt covered with cotton balls arranged in cloud formations. At his hip he had a plastic squirt bottle filled with water. When asked what he was, he answered "Partly cloudy with a chance of rain" and squirted the offender.
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Jersey douchebag: costume muscle shirt, striped shirt unbuttoned, orange self tanner, liberal use of hair gel and Axe body spray.
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A suit + a fedora + a toy machine gun + a tiara and a set of fairy wings = da fairy godfather.
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My favorite cheap costume of all time is this lolcat one.
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Response by poster: These are great! Partly cloudy with a chance of rain is very funny!

Any more?
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Before I decided to spend too much money and time building a spacesuit, my plan was to get a close-fitting alien mask, preferably one of those tall ones that covers the back of the head and part of the neck, and a looser fitting John McCain mask.

I planned to wear a suit, and spend the evening cornering people and peeling off the John McCain mask to reveal the alien underneath.
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It was as much performance art as costume, but once I saw a windblown man at the outdoor Castro Halloween party. He carried an umbrella that was blown inside out, wore a suit with his tie blown over his shoulder, had a sheet of newspaper blown against his leg, and made his way silently down the street struggling to maneuver his umbrella in his own private windstorm. It was surreal and brilliant.

There was also the low-rent Viking, whose shield and sword were cardboard and whose helmet was a kitchen colander with tinfoil horns. For the most minimalist of all, there was the guy who jammed an empty Cheerios box on his head. Dunno what he was supposed to be, but it was sooooo lame it was funny.
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1) Black suit
2) White shirt
3) Black tie
4) Black mask
5) Plastic ninja/samurai sword

Congrats! You're a Crazy 88 from "Kill Bill"!
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My dad has a Richard Nixon mask that I swear is still the scariest costume I've ever seen. Any political mask + business suit = instant costume.
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Wot no link to Cat and Girl's topical halloween outfit ideas? I'm not sure if any of these are actually practiceable, but I like their Bear Stearns. Going to a Halloween party embodying the financial crisis may be the definition of a party pooper, however.
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my standard lazy ass costume is dinosaur in human costume. I don't anything different than other day. Some may say cheap cop out, I say good way to not spend money on something I'll only wear once.
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I mentioned this elsewhere, but -- one of my exes came up with a surprisingly good last-minute costume by simply donning his graduation gown and a rainbow clown wig. He told people he was "The Supreme Court Jester."
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A friend dressed up as a package from Martha one year. His SO got a box in the mail that had the logo on the outside. It fit around his hips; he cut the bottom out of the box and tied a string to make straps around his shoulders - sort of like suspenders. He used the light blue tissue paper that came in the box to pop out of the top. Otherwise he was dressed normally. Very cute, and cheap!
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