ANyone know a good job recruiter and or resume development workshops in NYC?
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Can anyone recommend a quality firm that will help me revise, update, and make my resume the best it can possible be, here in NYC? I am also looking for quality job recruiter or headhunters in NYC as well!

I have been with my job for 8.5 years and I am totally burnt out and it is starting to show in my work. I never truly enjoyed what I did, but the money was good, so I pushed through. I have reached the point though, where the money is not a motivator anymore. It is affecting my personal life and I am stressed 24/7. I feel trapped because i have been here for so long, and while searching through some of the job sites out there, it seems like I am not qualified for anything but my current position (print ad sales).

I am on Monster, Career Builder, and Media Bistro currently, and with the exception of MB, the other two sites are filled with Scam jobs.

I have a pretty decent resume, that I feel just needs the once over by a pro who knows what companies look for these days when they scan over the countless amount of resumes they get on a daily basis.

I'd also like to meet with a job recruiter / placement, headhunting service which will maybe allow me to take an aptitude test, so I can see what directions I can branch out into.

I'd prefer to stay within the entertainment / music / tv field, but I am prepared to walk away.

So, I come to you guys for your help in helping me get started....

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Check out the site The Ladders They have all sorts of resume writers and job postings.
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I used Resume Edge twice. Both times very fast service, they called me at home to make sure they understood what I needed/wanted, and reasonable price. Got very good resumes that I've since been complimented on by a couple of career counselors. If you google, you will probably be able to find a coupon code (I found one for 15% off).
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Drop me a line via email and I can help in more depth with the resume stuff, but one thing you should know is that there is *huge* demand for your skillset, of ad sales in the entertainment world. The thing is, most of it is online these days, but if you're savvy enough to be on AskMe, you know enough to make the leap. It'd be a change, but use the skills you already have, if you moved to doing online ad sales. And there are opportunities there by the boatload if you're good at the fundamentals of what you do.
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