What's playing on Airtunes?
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What's playing on Airtunes? At my office, anyone can play music through a little Airport Express box we've got hooked up to a stereo. Is there any way to monitor what's being played (title & track info) and who's playing it? I want to know who to yell at about this god awful hair metal that's disturbing me as I type this . . .

We're all running iTunes, obviously, but users are on both Windows and OS X platforms. If there's no off the shelf solution available, what would be involved in rolling some kind of web-based (intranet?) solution?
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I'm sure the AE keeps some sort of log file, you could probably access with the Admin tool. I don't have mine in front of me to check though.
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The AE keeps no such log file, unfortunately. It doesn't see the data as a file, anyway, just an audio stream.
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What pmbuko said. It advertises a service on the network which iTunes connects to for audio transmission only.

I suggest wandering around your office looking for people who are enjoying the music, and beating them with heavy objects.
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Search for the lyrics.
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