Name that time travel movie!
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What time travel movie is this?

I saw a movie between 1985-1990 (on VHS) having to do with time travel to the past. The only part I remember is when the boy, who has traveled back in time, gets in trouble for using money that appears to be counterfeit he's using present-day money in the past). Any idea what movie this is?
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I could swear that happens in one of the Back to the Future movies.
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Was Ricky Schroeder in it?
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I remember it too. Not back to the future. Don't know the title, but heres a few more details:

The time machine swirled around really fast and then showed up in the same spot ~100 years earlier

The kid shows up at a gas station, and "fixes" the price/gallon price incorrectly (ie $1.00 instead of $.10)

I think there was a discussion about knickerbockers
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I'm pretty sure it's The Blue Yonder (IMDB).
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Also, there was an older scientist guy. Maybe his grandfather? I think that some of the time travel adventures had to do with this older guy's family/past
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Yup - thats it! At least the one I was thinking of
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Wow, that was fast. The Blue Yonder sounds right, although I was 6 or 7 when I first saw it. I'm going to try to get my paws on it. Thanks!
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Another boy-time-traveler from the early '80s:
the public TV show Voyagers.
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The child actor's name is Huckleberry Fox. I love it.
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I definitely have a copy of this on VHS - it was one of the Disney Sunday Movies.

On my (handmade) label its just called The Time Machine, and sits right next to Fuzzbucket and The Deacon Street Deer.
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You may be thinking of "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve.

I won't discuss the details it as it's a major spoiler, but it definately involves time travel and the problems of backdated currency.
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