Where do I get foam for my cans?
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I need to replace the approx 3" diameter foam discs on my Beyerdynamic headphones - the ones that sit between the baffle and the driver. There's no information on the Beyerdynamic site, and I had this problem with Sennheiser before - these things are damn hard to come by (I know that Sennheiser make spares, but finding the ones that fit your cans is another story). Can I just make my own? Where would I go to buy thin foam that would feel nice pressed against my ears on a daily basis? Any other suggestions?
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There's no reason not to make your own discs. It should be very easy assuming it's just a disc; I've seen a few headphones where the foam actually slipped over the speaker, but those were usually cheap models.

The easiest thing is going to be finding some replacements of a larger diameter and trimming them to fit. Only have to be a bit careful so the circles come out looking nice. Barring that, I'd try a fabric or crafts store or, possibly, an upholsterer. But I would guess any foam you find there will be white when you probably want black. I have no idea how easy it is to dye foam. You wouldn't want something that rubbed off on your ears, either.

A first step might be emailing, calling, or writing the company to see if they have replacements available, even if not listed on their site. Another possibility is a high end stereo store in your town. It seems unlikely they'd carry the foam but they might be able to refer you to someone who can help.
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Response by poster: 6550: white is fine. I'll try a craft store today.

I should have added - I use these headphones every day, so I need an immediate solution.
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Call them - when I needed work done on my DT-990s, I just called, asked for the service department, and they were super-nice. I'm sure they'd be willing to mail you a new pair for next to nothing.

I do remember it being hard to find Beyerdynamic USA's phone number, but once I got that, it was really simple.
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