Good uses for an old memory foam mattress topper?
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I have an old 3" memory foam full size mattress topper laying out in my garage. Looking for some DIY projects or ideas as to what I can do with this foam, as opposed to tossing it out or trying to sell on craigslist.

The only idea I have so far is to chop it up and convert it into a pet bed. I am not sure what material I could use though, as my dog has, in the past, chosen to pee on new pet beds, and I dont think pee and memory foam would mix well. Any ideas?

Is it even safe to throw away the stuff, or should it be recycled?
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Maybe make memory foam pillows? Or memory foam car seat pads?
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Shred/chop the foam and use as stuffing for toys or pillows?

Could you find some used vinyl to encase and "pee-proof" the memory foam? Then sew/buy a removable and washable fabric or fleece cover for the dog bed.
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Using a knife and duct tape you could make a water heater blanket, increasing the efficiency of your house's hot water tank and slightly lower your electricity (or gas?) bill... Same idea as the wrap-around things you see sold at Home Depot.
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Cut it to size, make some washable covers for the size you created and offer it to a wheelchair bound person to reduce pressure points. I wouldn't think to wrap it on a water heater, too much chance of slow heat build up and a fire. IMHO of course.
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Have you considered freecycling it? Depending on what your reason for not wanting to put it on Craigslist is, you might find just giving it away on Freecycle less annoying.
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Foam is often an essential ingredient of a successful Halloween costume, so start your planning now. Ninja turtle, weightlifter with dislocated wrist, giant walking cowboy hat (get two friends to go as a giant pair of go-go boots), giant walking air freshener, walking mattress....there's a lot of possibilities.

An electric carving knife works great on foam, by the way.
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A homeless shelter might be grateful if you donated it to them.
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Shred it and use to fill a bean bag in half and half proportion with the original polysytrene beans . . . comfiest thing to lounge on imaginable . . .
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