Another thrilling Tempur Pedic mattress question...
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I'm going to get a Tempur Pedic mattress, and would like some advice on the particulars.

I've been saving up for one of these bad boys for a good long while. I think I'm going to get the Advantage on account of it's firm nature. If you have any input regarding these or other questions, please do advise.

Should I purchase said mattress from a local dealer, or from the Tempur Pedic website?

Is the foundation all that special? Will using the mattress with an off-brand foundation be significantly different?

Got any recommendations on a platform bed?

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Be aware the sleeping experience will likely be different than what you've got now. If you're over 200lbs it might not be comfortable. I really didn't like the 'sink into a hole' feeling. The foam collapses enough to require lifting yourself up out of it in order to move around. Granted, if you're moving around a lot it might be due to a bad mattress, and the foam one might make a much better experience. But if you actually like to move around it would make things worse.
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I shopped heavily for a TP mattress... and really felt like I was getting ripped off. I am a member at BJs wholesale club, and I went to their website to see if they sell one... and lo and behold, they sell one, which, while not the TP brand, was pretty much identical to the ones I saw in the mattress stores - but at half the price. We have had it for 2 years so far, and have had no issues. You can probably find it at other wholesale clubs and stores, too.

The key with buying a mattress, I have found, is to NEVER buy the first one you see, and NEVER believe the salesperson when they tell you it's on sale, it's the cheapest price anywhere, that they are selling 'last year's model", etc. That's all BS. Give yourself a week or more to visit several places and the internet before you buy.
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There's THIS too.
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The foundation needs to be good, as in sturdy and not wobbly but not rock-hard, other than that the brand makes no difference.

Otherwise totally what wkearny99 says. Be wary. My TP mattress has now been living in the attic for years. I tried getting adjusted to it for a long time, using various types of foundation. It's just hopeless. If the mattress is cold you feel like a half-relief exhibit in damp plaster, forgotten at a wintery roadside. If it is warm it's more like being embedded in marshmallow. My back got all creaky which it otherwise never is.
I'm using a TP pillow, though, that one is relatively okay.
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If you're looking for "firm," I highly recommend you find a way to sleep a night on someone's Tempurpedic first. If you're looking for "firm for a TempurPedic," go nuts.
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When I was mattress shopping and looked at the TP, the salesman said it was the most returned mattress of all brands.
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Are you sure you want a TP? I HATE mine - a huge 4K mistake. To put it bluntly, sexy times require alternate positioning assistance because you SINK into them. We gave up trying to use the bed for sexy times, it's spiced up our sex lives a bit but I do miss having an innerspring mattress.

I second the idea of finding a TP to sleep on for a few days before you buy. Also, if you do decide to go for it, make sure you purchase from a retailer who takes returns. I sure wish I had.
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Response by poster: I've slept on memory foam for years. I'm pretty committed to gettin' a Tempur-Pedic one. I really want some advice on the specifics of purchasing one from a dealer vs. the website, and whether or not I need the foundation.
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Funny, shoesietart, we've been mattress shopping lately and both places we went to last weekend told us tempurpedic was their best selling mattress with the least returns!

Solipsophistocracy - have you slept on a new Advantage or one that was in a showroom for a while? My understanding is that they do soften over time, so if you slept on one that had been around for a while, your brand new one may feel VERY firm in comparison. I like firm mattresses normally, but I preferred the tempurpedic cloud, which is their "softest" one.
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I had a TP for years, if you're a "hot" sleeper, I suggest rethink your decision. Sleeping with my girlfriend and even a light blanket was like being in an oven.
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They pretty much never go on sale, and they make sure that other retailers don't discount them either. Get it from them or your favorite store, just make sure it's Tempurpedic.

And regarding a base, you don't need one. So whatever base you do have will be fine.

Yes, it can be hot, but you sleep like a damn baby.
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We love ours (we have the foundation too). The mattress is insanely hot, but we use a wool mattress pad to help with that. Best sleep ever.

I would just call around and see who has the best deal or terms. Some places have the "Sleep on it for a year" warranty. I think the prices are pretty much going to be the same everywhere. Something else to check - does ordering from TempurPedic direct incur sales tax?
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